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Hotel Review : Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport, South Africa

South Africa (Cape Town) . 2017 . May 23 - 24

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport prides itself as being the greenest hotel in Africa. Indeed, the welcoming interior of Hotel Verde reflects their green philosophy as well as their commitment to reducing carbon footprint, or in their own words, being carbon-neutral.

Just Next to Airport

Hotel Verde is located just 400 metres from the Cape Town International Airport. It is only a 15 minutes’ drive away from the attractions of Cape Town city, provided that traffic is smooth. Hotel Verde is perfect for those who have an early flight and do not wish to be caught in the morning traffic conditions leading from Cape Town to the Airport (this is a very real concern, for traffic in Cape Town is notorious for being bad during peak hours as there’s only one road leading to everything else), or for those who would just like to have a short stayover in Cape Town.

The price per night at Hotel Verde is cheaper than what you would get for an equivalent hotel in the city of Cape Town. All the above factors were what attracted us to spend our last night in Cape Town in Hotel Verde.

The Service

If you are looking for an Airport Hotel in Cape Town, there aren’t really many choices for you. Based on what the locals tell us, Hotel Verde is really just the only Airport Hotel that you should consider.

For us, our first-hand experience with Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport corroborates with the views of the locals, and we were very pleased to have made the correct decision. It was only a one-night stay for us, having moved from the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel to Hotel Verde in order to be nearer to the airport for our early morning flight.

We didn’t get too much time to enjoy the hotel very much - having arrived in the late evening means that all we needed was a place to rest and sleep and prepare for the flight ahead. However, even for a very short stay, the various touch points that we had with staff were most pleasant, efficient and shall I say, cool.

Cool Designed Room

Well, basically we checked in to the Hotel Verde for a sleep-over, so the room was obviously the place where we spent most of our time. We booked a Standard Room, which was the most basic room available among the various classes of rooms. Having stayed in many other airport hotels over the years, we honestly weren’t expecting much from an airport hotel. And so we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered how cool this room was.

This is the view from the other end of the room.

For one thing, the room was really spacious and a far cry from the limited space we had at the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel. No offence to the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel, we had a wonderful stay there as well. But the availability of space was one of those things that immediately relaxes us. And what’s more, it gives us the space to do some last minute packing without having to avoid each other’s elbows.

The room was modern, with a touch of posh-ness to it. One of the things I love most was this high bed which immediately makes me feel like a royalty. The bed was also much better and spacious than what we had at the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel.

A comfortable bed, dim lightings and the use of natural colors in the room – these were all the pre-requisites for the best sleep I had in the 14 days that we spent in Africa.

Although the Hotel Verde is an airport hotel, it provides everything you will need, similar to any other hotels in the city.

The bathroom is one of an open concept and is near the entrance to the room – so if you are thinking of sharing rooms with a business partner, you better think twice!

The wash basin with the WC in an enclosed room – at least, this section is enclosed!

Full set of amenities kit provided by Hotel Verde.

The open shower area. We were just so impressed with how sparkling clean the bathroom was.

The concept of eco-friendliness resonates everywhere in this room, from the use of the towels, to the use of water and energy.

Pleasant Surroundings

The entire hotel exudes a green theme throughout its premises, making it so cool to step into this building.

One of those things that’s impossible to miss is this green wall located near the entrance of the hotel. It’s a beautiful centerpiece that immediately sets the tone right when a guest walks into the hotel.

The small, but very nicely done-up lobby.

This is Hotel Verde’s commitment to everything green. Even the lifts are power-saving ones.

That’s Verino the Green Rhino, Hotel Verde’s environmentally friendly mascot.

There’s even recycling efforts for guests and staff. I must say I am impressed!

A listing of all the green initiatives in Hotel Verde.

I am not entirely sure how it works, but this is some sort of generator that powers up the hotel.

The accolades that Hotel Verde has received for its green efforts.

Complimentary Buffet Breakfast 

Breakfast comes complimentary with our stay. It was a very good buffet spread, but unfortunately, as we had a real early flight to catch, we couldn’t do justice to the spread of food offered to us. One thing that strikes us – the breakfast area was filled with many people at this early hour – so it might be that many had early flights to catch too! Therefore, do factor in more time if you want to have a good breakfast – there’s generally waiting time to get food because of the many people around.

Complimentary Shuttle to Airport and V & A Waterfront

Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport provides a complimentary shuttle service between the hotel and the airport at a very frequent interval. All you need to do is to reserve a seat with the hotel beforehand. With that many trips per day, you will be able to get a seat on the shuttle as long as you plan ahead.

In addition, Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport also provides a complimentary ride to the V&A Waterfront. It departs from the hotel at 12 noon and picks you back up at the V&A at 6pm – in my opinion, ample time for you to explore the area.

Final Verdict

It may be a short stay, but we were thoroughly happy and comfortable. If we had discovered this hotel earlier, we might have stayed here throughout our visit to Cape Town (link to itinerary page). We highly recommend anyone visiting Cape Town to try out Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport.

Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport
15 Michigan Street
Airport Industria
Cape Town 7490
South Africa

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This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

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