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Relaxing Day @ the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town

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South Africa . 2017 . May 21

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

The Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel where we were staying at provides a complimentary direct shuttle service to the V&A Waterfront.  The only stop that it makes was at the porch of the Victoria & Alfred Hotel where it allows passengers from the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel to alight and for those wanting to make the return trip back to the hotel to board.

Since we had half a day on our hands after the half day tour of the Table Mountain and city sights, we decided to make use of the complimentary shuttle service and explore the V&A Waterfront by ourselves.

The V&A Waterfront is just like Singapore's own Harbourfront, with lots of shops, restaurants, pubs, large shopping malls and other entertainment.  It is an entertainment hub with lots of things to do and can be said to be the most vibrant part of Cape Town.  However, if you ask me how safe it is to go about Cape Town and the V&A by ourselves, we would say it is indeed not very safe as compared to other major cities in the world.  The same safety concerns was shared by other guests taking the same hotel shuttle with us.  So if you are doing this on your own, be vigilant and watch your belongings.  And be sure not to miss the transport back to the hotel!

If you don’t have a mountain-facing room like we have at the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel, then the V&A Waterfront would be the best place to have a full and unobstructed view of the Table Mountain.

The V&A Waterfront is also the place to take the boat to Robben Island if you want to explore the place where the late President Nelson Mandela was kept captive for years.

Does this look familiar? If you have been following our trip to Africa, you would have seen these yellow frames when we visited Signal Hill. It looks like Table Mountain is everywhere in Cape Town!

Plush toys are my favourite shopping item, especially after a most successful safari in the earlier part of this vacation.  However, the toys here are really rather expensive, coming up to almost SGD50 bucks each.  They are nevertheless very well-made.

Most of these handicraft items are also very artistically designed and well-made.

These hand-painted ostrich eggs are really beautiful, but they cost a bomb as well!

Well, there's always the option to DIY... ;)

There are just so many pretty things around to buy…

At the Waterfront area is where the most beautiful pieces of architecture are.

Fancy a game of chess?

Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

The Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre is the shopping mall to go to if you need some high-end and international brand shopping.

If you are looking for the Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall, simply look for the Ferris Wheel beside it.  You can’t miss this giant structure!

A preview of the shops in Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre….

More plushies….was really tempted to pay the exorbitant sum to carry one away.

V & A Food Market

There’s no shortage of dining options at the V&A Waterfront, be it inside the malls, or in the restaurants and cafes lining the waterfront.  We found this V&A Food Market which was perfect for our small lunch and dinner budget.

Inside the V&A Food Market is actually a food court-like place….and surprise, surprise, there’s bubble tea here in faraway Cape Town!

Its definitely not as good as what we would find in Taiwan or Singapore, but it’ll do for now…

The food court and its market place is a much more affordable source of food than the restaurants outside…

And we found my favourite cuisine - Thai food in the food court as well!

Cheap and good lunch for us!

At the same place, we saw Truth Coffee, which we just tried in the morning tour of Cape Town city.  They sell coffee beans as well, which isn’t too exorbitantly overpriced. It is perfect as a gift, or for your own consumption if you have a presser at home.


For the art-loving tourist, the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront is a place you shouldn’t miss.

It is replete with modern pieces of artworks, paintings, sculptures and handicrafts.  Even if you don’t intent to pick up anything, browsing through the fabulous works here would be a pleasure.

This concludes our half day exploration of the V&A Waterfront.

Join us next as we embark on a one hour Cape Town City Tour of the historical sights.

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

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