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Hotel Review: The Kingdom Hotel at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe . 2017 . May 17 - 20

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

Our short stay at Zimbabwe was at the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls, and this was part of the package from WildWings Safari.

Professional Service and Check-In

Check-in was done very quickly and professionally, and the service standards at the hotel was generally acceptable.

At Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls, we found that the local porter was extremely eager to grab our luggages and tow them to our room, and although I had repeatedly said that I wanted to do it myself, I was not allowed to.

The porter did this not out of service mindedness, but out of the desperate need for a tip, and I can’t say that I was not the least peeved for having this forcibly shoved down my throat.

Pleasant Surroundings

We found the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls to be very pleasant.  The property was huge, and was like a high-class resort in the midst of a under-developed country.  The peaceful surroundings was perfect for a wind-down from the city and the spacious surroundings was a sharp contrast to the usual lack of personal space in overcrowded Singapore.  It was the perfect place to recuperate from the hustle and bustle city life and take things slowly here.

It was the perfect place to recuperate from the hustle and bustle city life and take things slowly here.

Spacious Room

We were allocated a room on the ground floor directly overlooking the huge pond.

Just like the rest of the premises, the room was spacious, and can even be considered as huge.

Zimbabwe is listed as a high risk area for malaria throughout the year.  However, the hotel does not provide by default, mosquito nettings for their rooms except during the summer months. If you like to have one, you will need to inform them before check-in, or get the staff to install it when you are away from the room.

Our advice - do install it regardless of whichever month you are here.  The pond is a prolific breeding ground for mosquitoes, and even though we kept the doors closed during a non-summer month, I still got some bites which was pretty worrying.
The view of the pond from the balcony is so peaceful and serene,  I can imagine boarding here for months just to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Well.. We didn't see these though...thankfully.

And a lot of wildlife to observe….
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Just like the rest of the room, the bathroom was huge and comes with a bathtub, which was perfect for a peaceful stay.

The complimentary toiletries, which includes a tube of insect repellent.  Trust me, you will need it even in the non-summer months as I mentioned earlier.

The complimentary coffees and teas.

There was also complimentary internet access throughout our stay at the hotel.

Near to Victoria Falls

Unknown to many, the gorge of Victoria Falls can be viewed from a viewing point that is just a short walk away from Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls.  You will just need to check with the hotel staff on where the back gate that leads to the Victoria Falls is located.

The entire perimeter of the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls was protected with electrical fencing, because wild animals do roam the area around the hotel.

At the back of the hotel, we soon found the back gate that would lead to the gorges of Victoria Falls.

The gate leads to a short footpath in the middle of a forest, which we were told before we left, was populated by many wild elephants, but we were not to worry, because they are shooting the elephants at this moment.  I can’t imagine which was worse - meeting a wild elephant unarmed, or being hit by a stray bullet that was meant for the elephant.

A few steps outside the gate, we found that the wild animals were not the only worry.  There was a group of locals lurking outside the gate trying to sell us things, and as it was deserted with no help on hand if we needed, we felt really unsafe.

While we have the good fortune of not meeting a wild elephant, we did see several baboons which can be dangerous when they get aggressive.

A 6-10 mins walk took us to our destination to view the gorge of the Victoria Falls.

There’s also a lookout cafe beside this gorgeous view - it’s called Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe.

This is part of the Zimbezi River that we are looking at now, upstream from the Victoria Falls.  One half of this river and the opposite cliff belongs to Zambia.  The point of demarcation between the two nations is somewhere in the middle of this flowing river.

The iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, with its arched rail is a road and foot bridge leads to the Zimbawe Border Post to Zambia.

The plumes of water vapour in this photo shows the location of the Victoria Falls…

Gorgeous view of the gorge…

For the adventurous ones, this is also the place where you can fork out some money to zip yourself across the gorge to get to Zambia.  Not for the faint-hearted though.

Watching the brave ones preparing to zip down…

As with all waterfalls, rainbows are a common sight.

The walk back to the hotel.   The gorge is just merely 250 metres away from the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls - pretty convenient except for the fact that it is not very safe.

Fresh elephant dung along the footpath - evidence that they are quite near…

Back to the safety of the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls

Meal Options

Although there are restaurants (KFC!) outside the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls, it was quite impossible to walk out without being harassed by someone wishing to sell you something.  It is highly not recommended to venture out of the hotel, so the only option was to have your meals in-house.  Other than the White Waters restaurant within the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls, there is also a Spur steak ranches restaurant in the hotel.

The White Waters Restaurant serves breakfast and dinner.  While breakfast was included in our stay, dinner was not.

Breakfast buffet at the White Waters Restaurant…it wasn’t too bad and there were hot stations as well.   It was just not as good as the buffet spread at the Peermont Metcourt Hotel at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg.

Here's our breakfast.

There’s a buffet spread for dinner at the White Waters Restaurant, but the spread does not justify the price.

Instead, we ordered our dinner through the ala-carte menu, which turned out to be a wonderful choice.

Our dinner of a set meal of Stirred Fried Chicken (USD$10), and Penne Arrabiatta (USD$7).

Had a Croque Monsieur Sandwich (USA$7) set on another night, and a Carbonara Macoroni (USD$12) set.  All were wonderfully done.

Convenient Location

The Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls is a short drive away from the airport, and is a 7-10 minutes drive to the Victoria Falls, 30-40 mins walk to the falls if you are game for it.  It is extremely convenient and most suited for those who would like to visit the Victoria Falls, or who would like to go to Zambia or Botswana for a day trip, as the borders are equally near.
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Final Verdict

We had a safe and wonderful stay at the Kingdom Hotel @ The Victoria Falls.  This is definitely a recommended hotel if you are visiting Victoria Falls.

The Kingdom Hotel at Victoria Falls
1 Mallett Drive
Victoria Falls

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Join us next as we visit the world famous Victoria Falls.

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

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