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Hotel Review : Perry’s Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel (Hazyview)

South Africa . 2017 . May 10 - 11

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

Our travel from Johannesburg airport along the Panoramic Route brought us to the small town of Hazyview by late afternoon.  Hazyview sits just outside Kruger National Park and this was where our game ranger would pick us up the next afternoon for our 5-day open top safari in Kruger.

Recommended by Wild Wings Safari Tours

Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel was recommended by Wild Wings Safari Tours which we had engaged to plan our African tour.  As it was only for a short one-night stay, we were not overly concerned about how comfortable this hotel would be.

Resort Style Room

The atmosphere at Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel is much more like a resort than a hotel.   Our ‘room’ was located a short walk away from the hotel’s reception, and forms one half of lone-standing ‘house’ in the woods. 

That’s the entrance to our room on the right hand side of this photo.

We were quite pleased with the comfort level of this room.  With its modern design, soft lightings and spaciousness, it looked like we would have a good rest at Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel before a tough trip to the safari.   I especially loved the high ceilings and the Balinese feel of this room.

One side of the bedroom opens up to an open balcony with armchairs that are perfect for basking under the sun.

For an added touch of privacy, there’s a separate dressing room away from the prying eyes of the open full length windows, and which leads to the bathroom.
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That’s the spacious and white-washed bathroom with a very antique feel to it.

The part about this bathroom that I loved the most was that it opens up to an private outdoor shower area - completely like the resort we stayed in Bali.

Buffet Breakfast Included

Breakfast was included in the room rates, and was served in one of the in-house restaurants in the hotel.   With both indoor and outdoor seatings, and a wide spread of American-style food, breakfast was a delight and a joy to have.

Quite a good selection of breakfast options available.

The Facilities and Surroundings

The Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotelwas like a town that can survive on its own.  Within its premises and just outside its gates are a few restaurants that although cannot be thought of as fantastic, but would serve its purpose of providing affordable lunch and dinner without breaking the bank.

Our Italian dinner on the one and only evening we stayed at the Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel.

Within the Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel were also numerous shops that are bound to keep you occupied for hours.

We found out later that as with most other places in Africa, things that are meant for tourists are very marked-up so there’s really nothing much worth buying whether its at the shops at the hotel or anywhere else.

The very inviting outdoor pool in the Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel just a few steps away from our room.

On the other side of our room is a fence beyond which we could see to the city and beyond, and if luck would have it, some wild animals may pop by this watering hole.

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Final Verdict

We had a good and comfortable one-night stay at the Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel.  We will recommend this hotel.

Perry's Bridge Hollow Boutique Hotel
R40, Hazyview,
Mpumalanga, South Africa

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Join us next as we start our Kruger Safari adventure!

This post is part of our South Africa / Zimbabwe / Botswana Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

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