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Airport Lounge Review : The Green Market (TGM) @ Changi Airport Terminal 2

Ho Chi Minh . 2017 . Aug 9 - 13

This post is part of our Ho Chi Minh Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here
Many of us may think that access to airport lounges are restricted only to first class or business class travellers, or the very rich who can pay for this privilege.  But do you know that with the right arsenal of credit cards, you may soon find yourself enjoying this privilege all over the world for free?

DBS Altitude Priority Pass - Complimentary Access

Our DBS Altitude Visa credit card gives us complimentary access to Priority Pass Airport Lounges worldwide twice every year.  All we needed to do was to flash the digital card on our phones before entry.   This global network of Airport Lounges also includes those in our home country - at Changi International Airport Terminal 2, there are about 3 choices to choose from, including a Restaurant listed.

Having tried the SATS Premier Lounge previously, we decided to try (The Green Market (TGM), which was essentially a restaurant serving Japanese and Korean cuisine.

The Green Market (TGM)

The Green Market (TGM) is a restaurant in the Transit Lounge of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, and is accessible through the escalator near the main Shilla Duty Free store.

The TGM has a menu that serves transiting passengers, but if you flash them the Priority Pass, they will give you a Corporate Menu that is customised for members of this pass.

The Corporate Menu comprising of 7 set menus to choose from.

A peek into the TGM from the outside.

Inside the TGM is a oasis of calm brought about by its exquisitely furnished interior.

Sumptuous Meal

Tommy chose the Salmon Butteryaki Bento set while I had the Korean Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup Set.  Both our sets also include a complementary choice of beverage.

This bento was indeed a sumptuous set, comprising not just of the grilled salmon topped with butter, but also its own side dishes of sashimi, fried dumplings, cold cuttlefish and fruits.  It also came with its own set of rice and miso soup.  What a wonderful choice!

My set of Korean Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup Set. If you are a fan of Korean rice cakes, then you will find that this does not disappoint - the texture of the rice cakes are as smooth and delectable as those from Korea. The soup is spicy without being overly so,  and with chunks of kurobuta pork and kimchi in the same broth, it is a delight to have.

Contrary to what I was led to believe by the naming of this set, the dumplings did not appear in the soup, but exists in its own as a fried form - which was all the better for me because I usually preferred it this way.

Final Verdict

Both set meals taste great and the restaurant has a good ambience.  We will highly recommend The Green Market if you are flying out from Changi Airport Terminal 2.

Join us next as we share with you our accommodation in Ho Chi Minh.

This post is part of our Ho Chi Minh Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

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  1. Hi,do we need to attach with boarding pass if i have complimentary access to Priority Pass Airport Lounges ?

    1. Hi PengQuan,

      Yes. You will need your boarding pass to enter the airport lounges.


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