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Hotel Review : Marmot Lodge Jasper

Canada (Rocky Mountains) . 2016 . Apr 20 - 22

This post is part of our Canadian Rockies Trip Report and Itinerary 2016. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

Jasper was our first stop at the Canadian Rockies right after we got off from the Rocky Mountaineer.

At Jasper, Marmot Lodge was the designated hotel for our Silverleaf travel package, although some other travellers on the same package may be assigned other hotels of a similar standard based on availability.  You may also choose to pay an upgrade price to stay at a better hotel.

As with our first night’s stay at the Thompson Hotel at Kamloops, transport to the Marmot Lodge was seamless.

Slow Check-In

Check-in was painfully slow, although they had 2 queues for it.  The service staff looked like they were not familiar with the processes and could not cope with our group coming in (which was actually not a very large group) and that was quite surprising because this shouldn't be the first time they were handling a bus crowd from the Rocky Mountaineer.   Service wise, the staff did try to do their best at least during our stay here.

Chalet Style Room

Rooms were organised into different blocks, and for us, we had a room at the block just behind the reception block.

I knew was in for a tough night when I saw how these rooms face the common corridors.  I am a light sleeper and that night, I could hear virtually everything that was happening outside at the corridors.

To add insult to injury, the hotel management had told me that they do not switch on their centralised air-conditioning at this time of the year and advised us to keep the lower window panels open to let in the natural air.   And that meant that I got to breathe in cigarette smoke from those folks who chose to stand outside my room to puff up their lungs and let me, an unwilling party, eavesdrop on their every word while I desperately try to fall asleep.  I literally spent my night thinking how to survive another night here.

That's the room itself with the windows facing the corridor.  The room looked tired and worn out, but at least everything was clean and spacious.

The hand basin and vanity top is at one corner of the room, with the toilet hidden from view from this angle.

Full set of toiletries provided at the vanity top, together with a coffee machine (although I have no idea why a coffee machine has to sit on a vanity top outside the toilet).

The toilet was clean, although I wished that it had more manoeuvring space.

The view outside the room (at the corridor) was a much more comforting sight than the room, and that was the reason why I loved staying at a mountain resort.   At least I get some fresh air and great scenery even if the room had disappointed me.

Zoom in photos of the snowy mountains from our balcony.

We were told this was the best spot to watch the sunrise!

The Surrounding and Facilities

There were pretty good facilities at Marmot Lodge.  Just opposite to our block was an indoor hot tub.

 And of course, vending machines and snack bars at various points within the property.

Next to the hot tub was an indoor pool, which I would have loved to experience if not for the short stay here.

The main reception block was where the little business centre was, together with all the tour brochures, maps and pamphlets.

Opposite to the main reception block was the Embers Steakhouse and the Fireside Lounge, the lodge’s own in-house restaurant where we had breakfast and dinner at.  Breakfast here was not too bad, but dinner was quite a disappointment.

View of the lodge at night.  We were told beforehand that as Jasper was part of a National Park, wild animals could roam into the property at night.

While we did had a first hand encounter with a wild elk in the streets at night, thankfully it did not follow us to our lodgings!

The Location

I can’t say that Marmot Lodge occupies the most strategic location.

These few alternatives, for instance, looked way better and was nearer to Jasper’s little town.  Some of our fellow Silverleafers were luckier to be allocated these lodges.

Having said that, the location of the Marmot Lodge wasn’t that bad either.  It was still within 15 mins walking distance to the town.

Final Verdict

I actually do not have very high expectations of a mountain lodge.  The Marmot Lodge was quite ok-ish except for the very disturbed sleep that I had for the 2 nights there.   It has great scenery, and but again, everywhere in Jasper was great scenery, you don’t actually have to stay at the Marmot Lodge to see those beautiful mountains because the town itself was in the mountains.  We did not have a terrible stay here, but it could have been better.

In case you do not know, the Marmot Lodge is actually named after this cute animal called the Marmot which are actually large squirrels that live in mountainous regions.  They are actually quite endangered now.

Marmot (Credits:

Marmot Lodge
86 Connaught Dr,
Jasper, AB T0E 1E0,

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Join us next as we check out the in house restaurant Embers Steakhouse.

This post is part of our Canadian Rockies Trip Report and Itinerary 2016. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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