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Restaurant Review : The Jade Seafood Restaurant (玉庭轩), Richmond

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Canada (Rocky Mountains) . 2016 . Apr 16

This post is part of our Canadian Rockies Trip Report and Itinerary 2016. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

Our first meal in Canada was at this Chinese Restaurant called the Jade Seafood Restaurant (玉庭轩), located at Alexandra Road which was just opposite Four Points Sheraton Vancouver Airport where we checked in late the night before.

Before we even arrived in Vancouver, we knew we had to visit this restaurant for its dim sum. If you are keen, their dim sum menu is available here.

The Jade Seafood Restaurant exists as a standalone building at Alexandra Road. From its exterior it didn’t seem as if there was much activity at this building.

Only when we climbed up to the second storey where the restaurant was, did we realise that it was full house! Having not made a reservation, we had to wait almost 45 mins in line for a table.

The Awards won by the restaurant is proudly displayed.

Finally our turn to get a table and place our order!

Service was more than a little slow due to the number of customers in the restaurant. Also, do not expect good service from the predominantly Chinese staff.

Final Verdict

Food was ok-ish to us, but perhaps considered as excellent chinese food in Vancouver. We would not go out of the way to come to this restaurant again, but would of course consider if our lodgings were near.

How to Get There

The Jade Restaurant

8511 Alexandra Road Richmond, 
BC V6X 1C3, Canada 
Tel: 604-249-0082 

Join us next as we travel to Vancouver Downtown to check in at our next hotel.

This post is part of our Canadian Rockies Trip Report and Itinerary 2016. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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