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Airline Review: Alaska Airlines Flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver

Canada (Rocky Mountains) . 2016 . Apr 15

This post is part of our Canadian Rockies Trip Report and Itinerary 2016. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

There are a number of airlines that fly from Los Angeles to Vancouver. These include Air Canada, Westjet, Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines. We decided on Alaska Airlines as it was the cheapest at a cost of USD $88.28 (inclusive of taxes) for the one way trip.

This was not the first time that we have taken Alaska Airlines. We first traveled with Alaska Airlines during our Alaska Cruise Trip on our flight from Fairbanks to San Fransisco via Seattle.

After some rest at the Alaska Airlines Board Room in Terminal 6, we were ready for our Alaska Airlines flight #701 to Vancouver. Flight time was around three hours from Los Angeles. The flight departed Los Angles at 8 pm and touched down at Vancouver at 11.04 pm.

Boarding was pretty smooth and we were soon on our way for take off.

Cabin Amenities and Food

Seat Pitch for the flight was relatively ok, as with our previous experience with Alaska Airlines.

There was no complimentary food for the flight, but you could order from the menu.

A special fresh item is offered on most flights over three and a half hour, inspired by the season and quality ingredients.

Items are mainly snacks and cost around USD $6 to $8. As we were not too hungry, having eaten some food in the Alaska Board Room, we did not order any food. Some eye-shut time is more important to us at that point! :)

Complimentary beverages are served. These include sodas, juices and tea and Starbucks coffee. Beer, wine and liquor can be ordered at a cost of USD $6 to $7

In Flight Magazine and Entertainment

Alaska Beyond - Alaska Airlines' Inflight Magazine.

There are 80+ titles where you can connect to the Alaska In Flight library on your own phone, tablet or laptop to watch. If you wish to stay connected while on air, you can purchase internet credits to send email, shop and see the latest happenings on social media.

After a short power nap on the aircraft, we were soon touching down at Vancouver Airport.

Final Verdict:  Overall, we had a comfortable flight on board Alaska Airlines for the price that we paid.
Join us next as we check in the airport hotel in Vancouver.

This post is part of our Canadian Rockies Trip Report and Itinerary 2016. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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