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The Rock Church of Helsinki (Temppeliaukio Church)

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Baltic Cruise (Helsinki) . 2015 . Aug 7

This post is part of our Baltic Cruise + Southampton 2015 Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

The second church we were visiting within a morning in Helsinki was the Rock Church, also known by its Finnish name of Temppeliaukio Church, one of the most visited tourists attraction in Helsinki.

Temppeliaukio sounds like a mouthful, and we really did not know the correct way to pronounce it, therefore, it will always remain to us as the Rock Church or the Church of the Rock.

The Rock Church is accessible only from street level, at the end of the street Fredrikinkatu.   It was hidden from view from the bus stop that we alighted at, and we had to walk a steep incline among the residential estate to find it.

That’s the entrance to the rock church.  Looks like a bomb shelter within a residential estate, right From the outside, you would hardly believe that this was the famous Rock Church!

For all its appearances outside, inside the Rock Church is a bustling hive of activity.   After the confining silence of the Chapel of Silence, this came as a favourable change to us.

Quarried out of the natural bedrock, the interior of the Rock Church retains its rock surface, lending it its unusualness.

With a circular structure and fitted with a large copper dome-like ceiling with little windows from the sides that lets in natural light, the Rock Church is a scene of serenity.  Not just that - it was said that the church had such good acoustics that many concerts were held at this venue.

The best views to be had of the church are actually from the balcony at the second level.

And the balcony was were we took the best photographs of the church.

The Rock Church is easily accessible by public bus and is worth a quick pit stop even if you are in a hurry.  Our visit took less than an hour to complete.

Join us next as we explore the city sights of Helsinki and indulge in more shopping!

This post is part of our Baltic Cruise + Southampton 2015 Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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