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Chocolate Shopping in Bruges

Baltic Cruise (Bruges) . 2015 . Aug 2

This post is part of our Baltic Cruise + Southampton 2015 Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here

Belgium claims to be the world capital of chocolates and it is hard to argue against that reputation.

Bruges itself is home to a good mix of chocolatiers, and while the world-reputed brand name Godiva represents the best big factory chocolates at high quality with a correspondingly high price, there are plenty of small family-run chocolatiers that offer exquisite handmade chocolates, most of which are made and sold fresh.

In search of the best chocolates in Bruges, we did our homework beforehand and zoomed in on Dumon Chocolatier.  With 3 branches at Bruges, its original location at Eiermarkt 6 remains its most charming.  We, however, visited the outlet at Walplein (at Walstraat 6).

Being a chocolate lover, I think I can agree with this.

Note the difference in prices for pralines and truffles.

Most chocolatiers sell their freshly made chocolates in standard box sizes which you can pick and choose from the buffet of chocolates on display.  Prices tend to be similar and should you come across something that is exceptionally cheaper than the standard pricing, beware of the quality that you will end up buying.

This is the standard pricing for Dumon.  A little on the pricier side as compared to other chocolatiers, but I assure you the quality is heavenly.

Prices of another chocolatier.

Our choice was a 500 gram box was sufficient to contain one sample of most of the non-alcoholic assortment of chocolates on display.

Yummy.  This was really good quality chocolate which we brought back to the Caribbean Princess and enjoyed for the rest of the cruise.

We paid a visit to the larger flagship store at Simon Stevinplein 11, but this outlet lacks the warmth and charm of the store at Walplein. In fact, prices were on the higher side compared to the branch at Walplein.

Many smart locals will tell you that the chocolates that you get at supermarkets is just as good as what you get at the chocolatiers for a fraction of the price.  It may be true to a certain extent, as chocolatiers tend to mark up their prices to earn the tourist dollar.  However, supermarkets only sell the chocolates in a pre-packed form and do not sell freshly-made chocolates.  The difference is that freshly-made chocolates taste so much better than pre-packed ones and are a must-try.

For our gifting needs, we had to get chocolates in a pre-packed form because we just can't keep the fresh ones for such a long time.  Chocoholic which has plenty of outlets at Bruges has one of the best assortment of pre-packed chocolates in various shapes and sizes.

Chocoholic also sells freshly-made chocolates just like Dumon, but they count in terms of number of chocolates chosen rather than by weight.

Just like Godiva, we are no stranger to Neuhaus, which is associated with the Smurfs.  Their main store is in the Galeries Royales St. Hubert.  Prices are very marked-up however.

Leonidas is not foreign to Singapore,  but perhaps not many know that it originated from Brussels, Belgium.  It is not known to be the best chocolate in town, but is still considered to be a good chocolate fix.

Most chocolatiers sell similar products with a few of them adding some novel chocolate designs to their collection.

Many of the chocolatiers open multiple stores in Bruges, so if you decide to look around first before deciding, there is always the possibility of finding a branch outlet to make the purchase.  Most parts of Bruges are lined with chocolate shops, you will definitely see a chocolate shop every few steps.

Hot chocolate spoons are one of the most commonly seen items around.

These chocolate wrenches, nuts and bolts are another commonly found item in the chocolate shops.

Many of the chocolatiers try to differentiate themselves by offering chocolates filled with exotic flavours such as wasabi, lemongrass, or sake.  For the best of the best, try the famous The Chocolate Line located at Simon Stevinplein 19.  There is only one outlet in Bruges.

Alcoholic chocolates are everywhere too.

Most shops would allow for a free sampling if you would ask.

Besides chocolates, some shops also sell sweets and candies and chocolate-coated confectionaries such as marzipan.

We hope you enjoyed our chocolate shopping! Join us next as we reveal the top things to buy and eat in Bruges!

This post is part of our Baltic Cruise + Southampton 2015 Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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