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Top things to do in Perth City

Perth . 2015 . Apr 30 - May 5

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

Perth City is relatively easy and safe to navigate around with a map.

Before we go into the attractions to visit in Perth city, let us bring you through how to navigate around Perth using the available public transport system.

Getting Around in Perth

By Bus

You can get around the city by using its free Central Area Transit Bus (CAT).  4 separate lines (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green) plough through the key attractions in the city from Northbridge to East and West Perth.

For more details of the CAT operating hours and the route map, visit the official transport provider Transperth’s website.

A CAT bus stop near to the Mercure Perth where we stayed for our trip in Perth.

The interior of a CAT bus.

In addition, you can get around for free on any public buses within the free transit zone in the city area.  Visit the Transperth website for more details.

By Train

The Perth Underground is the answer to bringing you out of Perth city to the suburbs or other towns such as Fremantle.  Similar to the buses, you can travel for free within the free transit zone, provided you tap in with a SmartRider card.

Shopping in Perth

Number 1 in my list is always shopping.  Within Perth city, the Murray and Hay Street Malls are particularly popular as pedestrian only streets.  It is only a short 3 mins walk from our dwelling place at the Mercure Perth.

Things in Perth can be very expensive.  Those on a budget can try Target.  Even the locals visit them for a cheap deal, and we have personally found cheap steals at Target.

My favourite rock candies of Australia.  They even offer free sampling!

Those who missed getting their pre-paid cards at Optus at the airport can still do so at Hay Street. They open till late.

At Hay Street Mall, there’s a trove of fashion, jewellery, accessories and souvenirs waiting to be discovered.

One of my personal favourite fashion boutiques at the Hay Street Mall.  Things in Perth are not cheap, but they are not too bad at Ally.  With a sale thrown in, be prepared to walk away with something.  Be sure to look at their home-grown brand like Jay Jays as well.

At the Hay Street Mall, one of those architectural beauty you can’t miss is the London Court Mall.

The quaint English-Tudor themed London Court is renowned for its shops selling gemstones, Australian gifts and souvenirs.  But it was not the gemstones which attracted us.  At the front of its facade - the one facing Hay Street, is a clockwork that chimes every quarter hour, half hour, and on the hour. You can’t miss it the loud music on the street as you walk by.  As the clock chimes, mechanised knights appear from the castle door and move in a semicircle each time.

Another architectural delight in Hay Street.

This may look like those kind of street buskers who pretends to be a statue, but in this case, it really is actually a statue, built to commemorate somebody.

Late night shopping at Hay Street Mall.  Perth city night shopping hours generally defer from that of Fremantle.  At Perth city, shops can be open until 9pm except for the weekends.

Other than Hay Street Mall, it is also worth taking the train to visit Fremantle Market for something different.

Looking for a cheap deal?  Then head down to Water Town Brand Outlet Centre. Here, you will find Australian brand names at discounted prices.

Water Town is about 20 minutes away from Perth CBD and is accessible by the Yellow and Green CAT buses.

Dining in Perth

Dining at Perth is a pleasure.  Other than the wonderful coffee at the Breve Cafe and good Asian food at the Corner Cafe, one of my favourites in Perth is The Coffee Club.

The Coffee Club has got a wonderful breakfast selection (plus outstanding coffee) and a good pastry and confectionary selection.

The Coffee Club is also available at Hay Street Mall.

Palsaik Namoo Korean Barbecue at 580 Hay Street is my favourite place for dinner. It is the best Korean restaurant we have been to so far and that includes Singapore.  We never had such a good barbecue before! And all for a very reasonable price.

All the sides dishes are free-flow - ask for more kimchi, because they are really good!  This restaurant is highly recommended.  Only drawback of this restaurant is that you will go home smelling very much of oil and barbecue.

Visit the St. Mary’s Cathedral

Only a short walk from the Mercure Perth and viewable from the upper floors of the hotel, the St. Mary’s Cathedral stands out architecturally amongst the rest. Worth visiting for the beautiful stain glass and building.

Sunset view of St Mary's Cathedral from Mercure Perth.

The St. Mary’s Cathedral is located at the top of a hill in East Perth, at the centre of Victoria Square in Western Australia, and allows a good view of the Perth CBD.

The Royal Perth Hospital is just opposite from St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Visit the Bell Tower of Perth - Home of the Swan Bells

The Bell Tower is one of the icons of Perth city, housing the Swan Bells, one of the world’s largest musical instruments.  Located on Riverside Drive overlooking the picturesque Swan River, the 82.5m Bell Tower is one of Perth's most unique and must see tourist attractions.  With its advantageous height, it allows a panoramic view of Perth city.

Stroll along St. George’s Cathedral and Supreme Court Gardens

It is on the route to the Bell Tower if you are coming from the Hay Street Mall and Mercure Perth side. So why not drop by for an photo opportunity and some greenery.

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

Kings Park, one of the largest inner city parks in the world, has great views of Perth city and the Swan River. Perched on a hill, the park includes large hectares of natural bushland and lookouts which showcase the array of Australian flora. Great place for a lunch picnic overlooking the city.

Kings Park (Credits:
This post concludes our Perth adventure.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our posts and they have been helpful in your planning for your trip! :)

Do check out our full itinerary and reviews here!

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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  1. Hi where to get SmartRider card?

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      You can get the smart rider card from the train station.

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  3. Hi Fat Fat,

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    We can't really comment on that as we did not consider self drive in our itinerary.

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