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How to Get to Rottnest Island from Perth City

Perth . 2015 . May 1

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

From Perth city, the easiest and most convenient way to get to Rottnest Island is by the Rottnest Express that departs from Barrack Street Jetty (near the Perth Bell Tower).

View of Barrack Street Jetty, taken from the Perth Bell Tower.

The trip from Barrack Street Jetty (Perth City) to Rottnest takes a good 90 minutes of rough ride on the unforgiving strong waves of the Indian Ocean.
Perth & West Coast Australia - Around Perth (Chapter) by Lonely Planet Australia - Perth & Western Australia (Chapter) by Lonely Planet For those who are prone to sea-sickness, the alternative would be to take a train ride to nearby Fremantle and board the Rottnest Ferry from Fremantle’s Victoria Quay.  From Fremantle, the ferry ride to Rottnest is reduced dramatically to 25 minutes, a length of time which is nevertheless uncomfortable for sufferers of sea-sickness.
View from the train to Fremantle.

Being extremely prone to sea-sickness, we chose the less convenient way of traveling to Fremantle first.  It also means that we could visit Fremantle on our way back from Rottnest Island.  That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

Buying our tickets from the Perth Train Station.  Get those small change ready.

At the platform, waiting to board the train to Fremantle.  Trains to Fremantle comes pretty frequently, so there’s no need to worry if you miss one.

The train ride from Perth City to Fremantle takes around 30 mins.

From Fremantle Train Station, the Rottnest Express departs from B Shed of Victoria Quay (Fremantle WA 6160).  It is within a easy walking distance from the train station, just get the walking directions from the staff at the train station.

If you start walking towards the train tracks behind the Fremantle train station, then you are probably on the right track (pun not intended).  Cutting across the train tracks was one of the more memorable things on the way to B Shed.

B Shed of Victoria Quay finally comes into view - somewhere in the distance in the centre of the photo.

The Rottnest Express departs from the dock next to B Shed.  You can choose to either purchase tickets online (prebooking) or queue up for the tickets at the ticketing counter located inside B Shed.

Packages that include the ferry tickets and bicycles or snorkeling are also available, though snorkeling packages are only available in certain seasons.

The ticketing counter was relatively empty about an hour before the ferry departs, but could get really crowded towards departure time!

Fortunately, we booked our tickets online, so we could afford having a leisurely breakfast inside B Shed.  Free wifi available there as well!

Prices at the only cafe in B Shed are actually very steep.

Our shared breakfast of fried mushrooms on toast - is actually very tasty, despite the cost!  Portion is huge and sufficient for sharing.

Before we knew it, there was already a long queue outside B Shed - all waiting to board the Rottnest Express.

The double-decked ferry that would bring us to Rottnest Island.  Most would choose to sit in the upper decks, at the outdoors for better view, but I chose to sit in the lowest deck for more stability.

The ferry ride was only 25 mins, but it was 25 mins of intense turbulence.  Get those sea-sick pills ready.

Once you reach Rottnest Island, head for the Visitor’s Centre for some maps and shuttle bus time tables.  Shuttle bus tickets need to be purchased at the Visitor Centre.

The shuttle bus terminal where the buses depart from.  Frequencies are not that high, so make sure you do not miss one.

The buses could get quite crowded too, so be prepared to stand.

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Join us next as we explore the fabulous beaches of Rottnest Island in one day.

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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