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Scenic Shifen Waterfall(十份大瀑布)

Taipei . 2015 . Jan 20

This post is part of our Taipei Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

At Shifen (十份), one of the things that you cannot miss is Shifen Waterfall (十份大瀑布).  It is fondly nicknamed as the Niagara Falls of Taiwan, and it is not difficult to see why if you draw the comparisons.

This is Shifen Waterfall.

And now, Niagara Falls - do they look similar?

At one end of Shifen Old Street, are a series of signages that will point you towards Shifen Waterfall.

A walk from Shifen Train Station to Shifen Waterfall takes 30mins!

Consider other options if you are in a hurry - by vehicle is only 5 - 6 mins, and by bicycle is only 12 mins.  We decided not to take the easy way out - going by foot is what it will be.

Passing by a vegetable farm and a lake on the way to the falls.

A large portion of the journey is walking along the main road.  Halfway to the waterfall, I wished we had opted to pay some money to take a cab!

Finally reached the Shifen Scenic Area Visitor Centre after what seemed like an extremely long walk, but that marks only the halfway point to the waterfall!

It looks like there are a lot of suspension bridges in Taipei. In the small town of Shifen, there is the Si Guang Tan bridge (四廣潭橋) besides the Jing An bridge.  Fortunately unlike the suspension bridge at Swallow Grotto at Hualien, all the bridges here are accessible.

Another 15 minutes walk to Shifen Waterfall.

Finally, we reached Shifen Waterfall Park in what seemed like forever.  There are a series of upslopes and downslopes to navigate, so it isn’t exactly an easy 30 minute walk from Shifen Train Station.

There are 3 observation platforms to view different angles of the Shifen Waterfall.

Down to the first viewing platform.

The Shifen Waterfall stands at a height of 20 metres and measures 40 metres across, making it the broadest waterfall in Taiwan  It is however much less massive than the other waterfalls around the world, in Iceland for instance.

Another angle of Shifen Waterfall.

At the last viewing platform, and probably the closest we can ever get to the waterfall.  Viewed from this angle, it does look suspiciously like the Niagara Falls.

The time spent at the Shifen Waterfall Park is actually very little compared to the time we had to spend walking to and from the train station. Before long, we had to leave the park to rush back to the train station to take the second last train back to Taipei city. When you are in Shifen, it is best not to leave any thing to chances - the hourly train can get so packed that you hardly can get on.

Last view of the sky lanterns against the outline of Shifen Old Town before we leave this magical town.

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This post is part of our Taipei Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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