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Getting from Perth Airport to the City by Bus

Perth . 2015 . Apr 30

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

Unlike most other cities, there is no train connection from Perth Airport to its city centre.  Therefore, there are only 2 viable forms of transport from Perth Airport - either by taxi, or by Perth’s city buses.

Getting to Perth City from the airport by taxi can be an expensive affair, costing up to AUD $40-$50 one way, an acceptable sum if you are travelling in a big group of 4 or 5.  However,  couples like ourselves may want to consider taking the more affordable airport shuttle or public bus.

Perth’s official airport shuttle is the Connect Bus, which operates only out of Terminal 3 that serves the domestic airlines.

How to use Perth’s Connect Bus to get from Perth Airport to Perth City

International travelers will land at Terminal 1.  To get to Terminal 3, there is free airport terminal transfer bus right outside Terminal 1 that will drop you at the bus stop at Terminal 3 where the Connect Bus runs from.  The journey time from T1 to T3 is about 10 to 15 mins.

The inside of the Terminal transfer bus.

The Connect Bus cost AUD$15 one way per person and will make 5 stops in Perth City:

  • East Perth train station
  • WA Museum, Beaufort Street
  • Opposite the YHA Backpackers hostel, Wellington Street
  • The Kings Perth Hotel, corner Pier and Hay Streets
  • Ambassador Hotel, Adelaide Terrace

Pre-bookings can be made, but there is no absolute need for it, because tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver and the bus is never full.  Allow about 1 hr travel time to get from Perth Airport T3 to Perth City.

How to use Perth’s public buses to get from Perth Airport to Perth City

For an even cheaper alternative to the Connect Bus, try Perth’s Transperth public bus service.  There are two services running from Perth Airport Terminal 3 (As above, international travelers will still need to take the free airport terminal shuttle bus to get to Terminal 3).   These two services are bus number 37 and 40, running from the same bus stop that the Connect Buses run from.

Bus routes of 37 and 40 at the bus stop.

The bus routes are also available from the Transperth website or from here for bus numbers 37 and 40. Bus 37 takes a longer route while 40 is more direct.  We therefore chose to take bus 40.

The interior of bus 40.

The cost of taking the public bus is dramatically lower than taking the Connect Bus.  It cost only AUD$4.40 per person for a 2-zone ticket that will bring us to Perth City.

Alighting at our stop outside the Perth Concert Hall.  The journey on bus 40 took about 50 - 60 mins, quite similar to that if we had taken the Connect Bus.

Our hotel (Mercure Perth Hotel) is only a short walk across the road.

The return trip to Perth airport via public bus 37 or 40 is simple enough.  The bus stop is opposite the road from where we dropped off.  Taking the public bus is very cheap and not so difficult after all.

Do consider this option if you are on a budget.
Join us next to check out Mercure Perth, the hotel that we stayed in Perth for this trip.

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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  2. Thank you for your review.
    This is the good way for cheap budget.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Anuwar,

      No - Both the Perth Connect Bus and Public Bus 37 and 40 only operates between around 6am to 11pm / midnight.


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