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How to visit Jiufen and Shifen in one day?

Taipei . 2015 . Jan 20

This post is part of our Taipei Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

Jiufen and Shifen are both places that you should ideally allocate one day each in your itinerary if you have the time.

However, if you are running out of days in your itinerary but still want to visit both Jiufen and Shifen, here is a quick guide on how to do it.

Getting from Taipei Rail Station to Ruifang Rail Station

To visit either Jiufen or Shifen, you would have to take a train to Ruifang. You could choose to take buses too but we would not advise doing so as the train is faster and much comfortable. The train ride on an express train from Taipei Rail Station to Ruifang takes only 35 minutes.

Getting to Ruifang is easy if you are staying nearby Taipei Rail Station like we did at Cosmos Hotel Taipei.

You could choose to walk up to the ticket counter on your day of travel itself to buy a ticket or you could buy it online and pick up the tickets anytime before your date of travel.

The advantage of buying in advance is that you are guaranteed a seat. We do understand that the train ride to Ruifang can get packed if you are unfortunate enough to travel on a peak day or during school holidays.

A return ticket cost NT $120 (SGD $5.30) including the seat reservation.

Check the monitors to find out the platform to board your train. Our train (No 416) departs at 9 am from Platform 4A. Take the escalator down

Take the escalator down to the platform level. You can grab a bento set and some drinks at TRA Boxed Lunch Store before boarding. Eating is allowed on board - do bring along your rubbish when you alight though.

Next Stop - Jiufen

When you reach Ruifang (瑞芳), you can choose to go to either Jiufen or Shifen first. In each case, you would still need to come back to Ruifang after your visit to either before continuing to the other.

Let's start with Jiufen first. Follow the sign to the west exit of the train station to Jiufen / Jinguashi.

You can either take a public bus 1062 or a taxi for the 10 to 15 minutes drive up to Jiufen Old Street.

Bus Stop outside Ruifang Rail Station (Credits:
We chose to take a cab at the fixed price of NTD $180 (SGD $8) for the ride up as we thought the price was reasonable and we did not want to squeeze with the large crowds on the public bus.

Lots of taxis waiting for customers - you can take your pick.

For more details of our visit to Jiufen - check out our full review.

Getting to Shifen

To get to Shifen after your visit to Jiufen, take a cab or the public bus back to Ruifang Train Station.

Once you are back at Ruifang, proceed to the ticketing counter to buy a ticket to go to Shifen.

We would advise that you buy a one day pass for the Pingxi Line (平溪线) if you intend to visit the various stops along the line besides Shifen.

Do note that the train only arrives every hour during the day. Once you get off at a station, you would need to wait for an hour before the next train arrives.

We originally wanted to stop at 3 stations, but have to settle for two (Shifen and Pingxi) due to time constraints.

Return train timings back to Ruifang.

Do note that the return train ride back to Ruifang from Shifen can be very packed, even on weekdays.

We nearly could not board our planned 4.50pm train from Shifen to Ruifang as the train was very crowded. The staff at the train station had to urge the passengers to squeeze so that more could board.

As you could imagine, it was an unpleasant ride back to Ruifang.

Once you are back at Ruifang, just catch the train back to Taipei Rail Station and you are back at Taipei.

Special 1-day tour around Yeliu, Jiufen and Shifen by KKday, Our Travel Partner

For those of us who wish to explore Yeliu, Jiufen and Shifen in one day but are lazy to navigate their way around, we are pleased to share with you a travel deal from our Travel Partner KKday! :)

Click on the link below for more information!

This post is part of our Taipei Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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  1. Hi, is the ticket from Rufiang to Shifen a one way ticket? Do we need to buy a new ticket from Shifen to Rufiang?

  2. @Unknown


    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    If you are buying the one day pass for the Pingxi Line (平溪线), it will cover both ways and any stops on the line.

  3. hi, how do you buy the train ticket in advance? online? or a day before travel at any Station? thanks

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      We bought the one day pass on the day itself at Ruifang station.

  4. Hi Tommy Green,
    What was the third station you wanted to stop along Pingxi Line?

  5. @Anonymous


    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    The 3rd station that we wanted to stop was Jingtong (菁桐)! :)

  6. Hi is the cab fare from ruifang to jiu fen based on per person?

    1. Hi Yu Fang,

      Thanks for visiting our blog.

      It was based on per ride, regardless of the number of persons.

  7. Can we buy train tickets to ruifang at the taoyuan airport or at any 711 stores? Thanks

  8. Hi Khristinne,

    Thank you for visiting our blog.

    I believe you can only buy high speed rail ticket to Taipei city from the airport. I am not too sure if other train tickets can be bought at the airport.

    Alternatively, you might want to buy it online.

  9. Hi! What are the stops in the Pingxi Line?

  10. @Jianne

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Here are the stops! :)

    The photo of the ticket in our post also shows the stops in Chinese.

  11. Many thanks for the detailed write up! it will help alot
    Am going over to Taipei next week

  12. Hi Samson,

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Glad that you find our post useful.

    Have a great trip ahead!

  13. Hi, can you repost your "Return train timings back to Ruifang"? The image cannot see anymore. thanks.

  14. @ahjames

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    I belive out photo is a bit blur on the station names.

    Found this on the web.
    You might want to refer to it for the timings.

  15. Hi! How much did you pay for the one-day pass on the Pingxi line? How about the one that just takes us from Ruifang to Shifen? Thanks!

  16. @Kiezzsa Gayle Cruz

    Thank you for visiting our blog!

    We paid TWD $64 for the one day Pingxi pass.

    We can't remember the price for a ticket from Ruifang to Shifen, but vaguely remember that it is more worth to buy the one day pass sinc you will still need to return from Shifen to Ruifang.

  17. HI, may I know how long do you spent time In Jiufen? or should I visit shifen first then only come back to jiufen? if i buy the pingxi line ticket, is it cover to both places?

    1. Hi Poh Yee,

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

      Jiufen is a nice place where you can slowly enjoy it.
      In our most recent trip, we actually spent a whole day!

      If you only have one day to visit both Jiufen and Shifen, we would recommend that you visit Jiufen first in the morning so that you can release the sky lanterns @ Shifen around evening.

      The Pingxi line ticket only covers Shifen.

    2. Hi,thanks for your reply. May i know that is it can rush back to station after visit Shifen?
      I only have one day visit on both places, but most of the time I will at Jiufen because there really is a nice place.

      May I know take which transportation is better?

    3. Hi Poh Yee,

      It will be a bit rush, and the trains on the pingxi line can get a bit packed during the late afternoon.

      The most comfortable way is of course to consider chartering a cab to visit both places.

  18. Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for your kindness information, I will look through again and plan for it.

  19. HI Tommy, your post is quite informative. Is there is a specified time for the sky lantern in Shifen?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for visiting our blog.

      There is no specific time to release the sky lanterns.
      I believe the shops should open by 10 am in the morning.

      The recommendation to release it in the late afternoon/ evening is more for seeing the lantern clearly against the darker skies. :)

  20. Hi, for the Taipei Rail Station take train to Ruifang, did you guys get the return tickets too? or just buy at ruifang when back from shifen? just wondering if buy when going back will the tics run out

    1. Hi TiOnG,

      Thanks for visiting our blog.

      We bought the return tickets online before our trip..

      We would recommend to buy the ticket in advance if possible.

  21. Hihi i'm currently planning my itinerary and i found that the return train is a local train rather than a express one, and i couldnt find it on the booking site. does that means there no way too book in advance? Thanks!

    depart at 20/12/17 7:00 PM
    1 h 6 min 7:10 PM - 8:16 PM
    7:10 PM from Ruifang Train Station NT$49.00
    7:10 PM Ruifang Train Station
    Fuxing / Shuttle 4209 towards to Taoyuan
    8:16 PM Taipei Station

    1. Hi TiOnG,

      Noted that your departure date is 20 Dec 2017.
      If I remember correctly, you can only book probably only 2 weeks in advance.

      Do monitor the site so that you can book when your travel date becomes available for booking online.


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