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Hot Spring Experience at Grand View Resort Beitou, Taipei

Taipei . 2015 . Jan 19

This post is part of our Taipei Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

Taipei’s hotsprings are known far and wide and can be found mainly in the Beitou and Yang Ming Shan area.  In fact, the number of hot springs or onsen are so numerous that it links the entire area between Beitou, Xin-Beitou and Yangmingshan.

At Beitou (北投) and Xin-Beitou (新北投), the options for a hot spring experience are plenty.  In fact, you will need to do a fair bit of research and decide if you will like a communal pool, an outdoor one, or for a more luxury experience - a private indoor hot tub.

We made our choice early - The Grand View Resort Beitou was our undeniable first choice for an exclusive hot spring experience in one of their luxury hot tub rooms.

Credits: Photos from Grand View Resort Beitou Website
Priced at NT2300 (approximately SGD $100) for a 90 minute experience at one of its private hot spring tub, it was certainly a high price to pay.  But I was convinced that it was a worthy indulgence after falling in love at first sight with the beautiful rooms that promises a relaxing and comfortable experience.  During peak tourist periods, reservation of a hot tub room is strongly encouraged, and you can email the resort directly to do so.

At Taipei, the hot-spring facilities must undergo evaluation by the Taipei City Government before being allowed to display the official Hot Spring Mark.  Our chosen hot spring facilities, the Grand View Resort Beitou is one of those which are certified with this trademark.

The Grand View Resort Beitou exudes elegance and class the moment you step in.  Located at a hilltop among lush greenery, it offers a range of high-end hotel rooms that comes fitted with its own individual hot tubs, ensuring that every one of its guests leaves with a hot spring experience.

Prices for such hotel rooms at the Grand View Resort Beitou are steep, therefore, we opted for the more affordable hot tub suite which was mainly a day room fitted exclusively with a large indoor tub and shower facilities.  The hot tub facilities are located at a private wing of the hotel, complete with its own reception and waiting area.

The hot spring experience begins - follow the sign...

At the Grand View Resort Beitou, no one hot tub suite is the same - They are all designed and decorated with their own central theme and named accordingly.  Elegance is the common theme that is repeated in all its hot tub suites.

Our choice of suite was Auspicious Wood (祥木) - an indoor room. You can choose a room with an outdoor tub if you prefer some sunlight.

Such a beautiful and relaxing room that looks exactly the same as it promised in the photographs.  I began to wonder if 90 minutes was sufficient for us to enjoy this room.

Filling the large tub with natural spring water.  The Beitou spring waters are sulphurous and therefore tends to give out a slightly pungent smell.

There are three distinct varieties of sulphurous hot springs in Beitou:
  1. Green sulphur which is found mainly around the Thermal Valley.  Enjoy green sulphur hot springs at places such as Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Bathing pool and Shinshukaku Hotel. Water tend to be green-tinted like jade.
  2. White sulphur also known as milk springs to the locals because the water tends to be milky white.  The majority of Beitou hot spring hotels and inns pipe in white sulphur waters.
  3. Iron sulphur which is found in springs in the upstream mountain-valley area called ding-Beitou (頂北投). They are characterised by transparent water in iron precipitate.  
The Grand View Resort Beitou is located at ding-Beitou, and therefore runs iron sulphur spring water from its pipe.  It is also one of the main reasons for us to choose this resort, because spring water running from upstream sources are deemed by some to be purer and cleaner.

Mix it with ordinary tap water to adjust the temperature that is comfortable for you.

All hot tub suites at the Grand View Resort Beitou comes with an ensuite shower and bathroom facilities, towels, accessories and toiletries that are needed.

Complimentary peach yogurt, intended to be consumed after the hot tub session.  A nice treat for us, which felt somehow very comforting after hot-tubbing.

As we found out for ourselves, 90 minutes of hot tubbing turns out to be nicely sufficient.  In fact, the recommendation was to take short dips of 15 mins each, followed by a rest.  As part of the excellent service, a reminder call was made by the staff via the telephone installed in the room for us to make preparations to end the session.

Besides the individual hot spring suites that offers a private sanctuary, the Grand View Resort Beitou also offers outdoor hot spring pools and public pools at other costs.  Do check out their website for more details.

Final Verdict

Highly recommended.  The hot spring experience at the Grand View Resort Beitou was simply summarised by one word - amazing.   Topped with immaculate and thoughtful service, it was definitely money well spent.   We will definitely be back again!

Grand View Resort Beitou
12 台北市北投區幽雅路 30 號
TEL: +886-2-2898-8888
FAX: +886-2-2898-8088

In our next article, we will provide a guide on how to get to Grand View Resort Beitou by public transport. Do stay tuned! :)

This post is part of our Taipei Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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  1. Hi! Can I know the NT2300 is per pax or?

  2. Hi Joanne,

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    The price of NT2300 is per room

  3. Tommy how many of you in the room. I check the website it says additional person will cost $600 more.
    making it close to NT 3000.

  4. Hi,

    Only myself and Samantha - so 2 persons. :)

  5. hi, how do you travel up there by public transport? :) will be going next month :)

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

      We have written a guide on how to get there via public transport. :)

  6. Hi, I'm really interested going for this hot spring at Grand View Resort Beitou, may i know did you make a reservation before that or just walk in? [; thanks!

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting our blog.

    We made a reservation before visiting the resort.

  8. Well written and thanks a lot for the information!!!


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