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Iceland Northern Lights Exploration + London Sightseeing Trip Report and Itinerary

Iceland + London . 2013 . Nov 21 - Dec 4

Iceland - a land of many contrasts.  It is home to the largest glacier in Europe, yet, it is also home to some of the most active volcanoes in the world.  For this reason, it is also known as the Land of Fire and Ice.  With a land mass of 103,000 sqm and a population of 300,000,  Iceland is also one of the most sparsely populated country in Europe, with huge parts of the country largely uninhabited.

Here's our itinerary with some photos and links to our reviews for our trip. We have completed our full review. :)

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Day 0  Singapore -> London (Nov 20)

2100        Check in at Singapore Changi Airport
2345        Flight to London Heathrow Airport

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Day 1  Watford Junction and London City Sights (Nov 21)

0555        Arrive at London Heathrow Airport
0700        Take Green Line coach 724 to Watford Junction
0812        Reach Watford Junction Station Stop 2
0845        Check in at Holiday Inn Express London – Watford Junction
0900        Breakfast
1000        Train to London city
1020        Reach Euston - Transfer to South Kensington Station via Tube
1030        Visit Natural History Museum
1500        Visit Science Museum
1700        Visit Royal College of Music and Royal Albert Hall
1800        Back to Holiday Inn Express London – Watford Junction

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Day 2  Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour (Nov 22)

0800        Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express London
0920        Board Mullany's Shuttle Bus 311 to Warner Brothers Studios
0932        Reach Warner Brothers Studios
1000        Commence Harry Potter Studio Tour Part 1, Part 2
1300        Lunch at studio
1400        Continue with studio tour
1600        Board Mullany's Shuttle Bus 311 to Watford Junction Bus Station
1612        Reach Watford Junction Station Bus Station
1630        Dinner at Junction Cafe
1800        Back to hotel

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Day 3  Shopping at Watford Junction + Flight to Reykjavik (Nov 23)

0800        Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express London – Watford Junction
0900        Shopping at Watford market
1000        Shopping at Intu Watford, Primark
1300        Lunch at Junction Cafe
1400        Check out of Holiday Inn Express London
1600        Take Green Line coach 724 (Central Bus Station) to London Heathrow Airport
1700        Check in @ London Heathrow Airport Terminal 1
1900        Dinner
2035        Board Icelandair FI455 to Reykjavik
2335        Arrive at Keflavik (KEF) Airport, Iceland

Day 4  Reykjavik and Blue Lagoon (Nov 24)

0035        Flybus Airport Shuttle to Fosshotel Lind
0100        Check in at Fosshotel Lind
0900        Breakfast at Fosshotel Lind
1000        Shuttle pickup for Blue Lagoon
1100        Relaxing @ Blue Lagoon
1700        Shuttle back to Fosshotel Lind

Day 5  to 10 Northern Lights Exploration Package Tour

Day 5  Reykjavik City Tour & Borgarjordur Saga Valley (Nov 25)

0700        Breakfast at Fosshotel Lind
0900        Coach departs from hotel
0930        Reykjavik City Tour
1100        Icelandic Wool Outlet Store
1200        Lunch
1300        Climb Grabrok Volcano Crater
1430        Visit Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most powerful hotspring
1530        Visit Hraunfossar and Barnafoss
1700        Check in at Fosshotel Reykholt

Day 6  Snaefellsnes Penisular and Fjord Cruise (Nov 26)

0700        Breakfast at Fosshotel Reykholt
0800        Coach departs for Snaefellsnes Penisular
1100        Lunch cruise in Breioafjorour Fjord
1400        Fermented Shark Tasting at Bjarnarhofn
1600        Visit Icelandic Settlement Centre museum at Borgarnes
1700        Back to Fosshotel Reykholt

Day 7  Golden Circle, Geothermal Food Tasting & Icelandic Horses (Nov 27)

0700        Breakfast at Fosshotel Reykholt
0900        Check out of Fosshotel Reykholt
1030        Visit Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
1130        Visit the Golden Waterfall, Gulfoss
1200        Taste geothermally cooked rye bread and boiled eggs
1300        Visit Strokkur Geyser
1400        Lunch
1600        Visit Geothermal Greenhouse
1630        Interaction with Icelandic Horses
1530        Check in at Hotel Hekla

Day 8  South Iceland & Eyjafjallajokull Volcano (Nov 28)

0700        Breakfast at Hotel Hekla
0830        Check out of Hotel Hekla
1030        Visit Skogafoss Waterfall
1130        Visit Icelandic Folk Museum
1300        Lunch
1400        Stop at Eyjafjallajökull Information Center
1500        Visit the black lava beach of Vik
1630        Visit the outlet store at Vikurprjon (Icewear)
1730        Check in at Fosshotel Skaftafell
0000        Northern Lights Galore!

Day 9  Skaftafell National Park & Vatnajokull Glacier (Nov 29)

0700        Breakfast at Fosshotel Skaftafell
0900        Coach departs from hotel
0930        Visit turf church at Hof
1030        Visit Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon
1200        Lunch
1330        Hiking along Svinafellsjokull
1500        Hike around Vatnajokull Glacier to Fosshotel Skaftafell
1630        Reach Fosshotel Skaftafell

Day 10  South Shore, Coastal Villages & Blue Lagoon (Nov 30)

0700        Breakfast at Fosshotel Skaftafell
0800        Check out of Fosshotel Skaftafell
0900        Visit Systrafoss waterfall
1030        Visit Seljalandsfoss waterfall
1200        Lunch
1300        Drive back to Reykjavik
1600        Check in at Fosshotel Lind
1730        Depart for Blue Lagoon
1900        Northern Lights are on again!
2000        Dinner at Northern Light Inn
2200        Back to Fosshotel Lind
2300        Goodbye to tour group members

Day 11  Lava Tubing (Dec 1)

0800        Breakfast at Fosshotel Lind
1000        Pick up for lava tubing tour
1100        Lava caving at Cave Leidarendi
1300        Back to Fosshotel Lind
1330        Lunch
1500        Shopping at Laugavegur Street
1730        Dinner at Ruan Thai Restaurant

Day 12  Free & Easy at Reykjavik (Dec 2)

0800        Breakfast at Fosshotel Lind
1000        Shopping at Laugavegur Street
1300        Coffee at Stofan Cafe
1400        Lunch at Icelandic Fish and Chips
1430        Reykjavik Harbour views
1500        Coffee at Café Haiti
1530        Visit HARPA Concert Hall
1700        Shopping at Laugavegur Street
1800        Dinner at Sjavargrillio Seafood Grill
2000        Visit Hallgrímskirkja Church
2030        Back to Fosshotel Lind

Day 13  Reykjavik -> London -> Singapore (Dec 3)

0500        Rise and Shine
0530        Check out Fosshotel Lind and leave for airport
0630        Check in for Icelandair flight to London
0700        Breakfast
0900        Icelandair FI450 to London
1200        Arrive at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 1
1300        Lunch
1400        Check in flight to Singapore
1430        Shopping at London Heathrow Airport
1815        Board flight back to Singapore

Day 14  London -> Singapore (Dec 4)

1455        Arrive at Singapore Changi Airport

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  1. Lovely itinerary of London and Iceland. Thanks for sharing. Hope I can visit Europe this year.

  2. Hi alicesg,

    Thanks for visiting. Yes, Europe is pretty nice, especially for first time visitors.

  3. hello! love ur blog post on the northern lights! looks amazing!
    may i know how much did ya spent for the entire trip? as i wanna save up and love to catch the northern lights soon!!

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for visiting!

    We spent around 5k per person for the trip.

  5. hi, would like to know the group size and quality of company. tks

  6. Hi loveyunnan,

    Thanks for visiting.

    It is a large group (around 45) and we travelled on a comfortable coach.

    The mix is quite diverse, with travelers from USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

    Overall, it was an enjoyable trip and we never really have to wait for coach departure at every stop as the group was quite punctual to return to the coach by the designated time.

    Hope the above helps! :)

  7. Hi, thank you for yr reply. i'm considering this company and looking thru their northern lights packages actually. thank you for yr post and photos

  8. thanks for sharing your itinerary! The natural beauty of Iceland looks incredible.
    Just wondering if the lack of daylight was much of a problem during your trip...since you traveled in late November. Did it get dark really quickly? thnx

  9. Hi. The daylight are shorter, but it is still ok as most sights need a bit of travelling to get to them in the morning. :)

  10. Hi, the trip looks really wonderful!
    i have also booked a trip to iceland this coming November but unsure which tour operator to choose. What is yours and how do you find them? :)

  11. Hi,

    We took the package from GJ travel. You might want to read our blog posts for more info. :)

  12. Hi!
    I am planning on travelling to Iceland this November but am allergic to seafood. In your trip there, were other meat products readily available? Any comments about the food in general would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much!

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Glad to know that you are going to Iceland!

    You might want to read our article on the foods to try in Iceland.

    Yes. They do have lamb and chicken etc..though the prices are on the high side.. :)

  14. Hi! Love your blog entries! Am also planing a trip to Iceland to catch the northern lights.

    Will like to enquire what were the clothings suitable, and where did you get them?


  15. Hi kianhai,

    Thanks! Great you like our blog entries!

    You may want to read our post on the tips for visiting Iceland.
    We got our clothing mainly from Uniqlo and our boots from Timberland.

    Hope the above helps! :)

    Have a nice trip ahead!

  16. Hi! Thanks for sharing your amazing itinerary :)
    Do you recommend travelling to North Iceland? (Akureyri, Myvatn etc.)

  17. Hi ,

    We would definitely love to travel to North Iceland.

    It's just that we are unable to cover it during this trip. :)

  18. Hello!
    Besides GJ travel are there other tour operators you recommend?

  19. That's a difficult question to answer...

    We can't speak for other tour we have only taken GJ Travel! :)

    We do recommend GJ Travel highly though! :)

  20. @Tommy Green

    Thanks for your reply! Are there any activities in Iceland not included in your tour that you could recommend me? :)

    I heard the Silfra Snorkelling and horse riding are good...I'm thinking of going to Iceland this November so any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've read your tips and recommendations abt food and things to buy they were really helpful :)

  21. Hi,

    We did lava tubing with Extreme Iceland in addition to the tour with GJ Travel.

    You may want to check out the Extreme Iceland website for more activities!

    Have a great trip ahead! :)

  22. Hey just curious did u go into the ice caves in skaftafell?

  23. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting. We didn't...just did a quick search on looks amazing though! :)
    Makes us want to go back to Iceland again! :)

  24. Hi! According to GJ travel's website, there is a Northern Lights Academy programme during the toue. I don't think you mentioned this in your itinerary (or maybe i just overlooked it) so I was wondering what you felt about it, if you did have such a programme...was it interesting? Thanks :)

  25. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting.

    The Northern Lights academy programme is basically an informal session every evening where the guide will tell you more about the northern lights and also include sharing how to set your camera settings to take the photos.

    The guide would also guide you on where's a good spot to see northern lights (if it appears) at each accommodation. :)

  26. Hi,
    you mention that this was a 8 days 7 night tour, i counted 25 Nov to 30 Nov seems to be 6 nights tour instead of 7 nights? The first night stay at the hotel was not part of the tour?

  27. Hi,

    You are right.
    Thanks for highlighting.

    The tour starts on 24 Nov where we board the flybus from the airport to the hotel.
    However, it was a free and easy day on the 8D7N tour package and we added Blue Lagoon to the package ourselves as we wanted to experience the lagoon in the daytime. :)

  28. Hi
    Thanks for the clarification :)
    Is the first night 24 Nov stay at the hotel part of the tour package? or you have to pay additonal one night stay on 24 Nov?

  29. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting again!

    If you notice, we actually check in to the hotel on 24 Nov early morning (1am), so that's considered checking in on 23 Nov (which we paid one night and not part of the tour package).

    24 Nov to 25 Nov hotel is included in the tour package.

    Hope the above clarifies! :)

  30. Hihi! May I know if you went in a large or small group for your 8D7N Northern Lights Exploration package tour with Guomundur Jonasson (GJ) Travel? Thank you!

  31. Hi, Thanks for visiting.

    It was quite a large group with around 40 pax in a big tourist bus.
    However, it was a cooperative group and we never had to wait for long for all to get up on the bus at various stops. :)

  32. Hihi may I know how you made payment to GJ Travel? Via Paypal or bank transfer? Thanks!

  33. Hi, Thanks for visiting!

    We actually got our package indirectly through another travel agency (Extreme Iceland).

    Can't remember exactly how we paid though... I believe we paid through credit card...

  34. Hihi how many free and easy days would you recommend in Iceland after the tour? Thanks!

  35. Hi - guess it depends.

    We took one more day before the package tour to experience Blue Lagoon in the daytime, another day to do lava tubing, finally a F & E day to walk around Reykjavik.

    You might want to read our blog posts by clicking the links in our itinerary. :)

  36. Lovely! What a great tour! You captured the most stunning views of your destination!

  37. for the flights, do u make yr own booking or thru the agents? Tot of going to iceland to tis dec n wanted to have a stopover few days in london.

  38. Some adventurous experience that's for sure!

  39. Wow! U have such an awesome trip!
    Just to check, u book all the flights on ur own and just joined the Iceland tour when the tour group is alr there?

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

      We booked our own air tickets and took a local tour from Iceland Travel Agency GJ Travels.

      You may check out their website for more information.


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