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Scenic World, Blue Mountains Sydney

Sydney . 2013 . May 21

This post is part of our Sydney 7 days 6 nights Trip Itinerary and Report. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

Scenic World consists of four major attractions that bring you closer to the awesome landscape of the Blue Mountains – The four rides are: Scenic Skyway, Scenic Walkway, Scenic Cableway and Scenic Railway.

Our one day package with the Blue Mountains Trolley Tours includes unlimited hop-on & hop off stops and travel on the Blue Mountains trolley bus services, as well as unlimited rides at Scenic World. Our wrist tag allows us unlimited access to all the attractions in Scenic World.

Scenic Skyway

Scenic Skyway Entrance.

From Echo Point where the famous Three Sisters rock formations are, we took a short leisurely walk to the Scenic Skyway East Station, embarking on some bush-walking along the way.

One of the highlights of the Scenic Skyway is its glass flooring, allowing us to gaze at the rainforest canopy from above!  Suspended 720 metres between cliffs and 270 metres above the ravine below, the Scenic Skyway is indeed a cliff-hanger and provides an exhilarating experience as breathtaking views are revealed.

Samantha and Tommy floating above the Jamison Valley on the Scenic Skyway.

There’s even an experienced guide stationed in the skyway to explain geological features to us as we glide along.  The journey on the Skyway also provides an exceptional view of the Three Sisters, the Katoomba Falls and the Jamison Valley.
Tip: If there is a need to make a choice between all the rides at Scenic World, make sure you choose the Scenic Skyway!
The Scenic Skyway is one of the best places to view the Katoomba Falls.  

At the Scenic World Skyway station.  There are also some eateries and a massive souvenir shop at the station.

Awesome Scenery at Scenic World

So are the Blue Mountains really blue?  The answer is Yes, the Blue Mountains are so-named simply because of the colour it takes on!   The leaves of the eucalyptus trees that form the natural forest in the Blue Mountains releases droplets of oil into the atmosphere when the temperature heats up.  When these oil droplets are hit by sunlight, they scatter light, thus giving the Blue Mountains its blue-ish hue when viewed from a distance.  After a spell of warm sunny days, the blue becomes more intense over the region.  After the rain, it appears green for a day or so until oil droplets fill up the air again. 

Scenic Railway

The Scenic Railway goes over the edge of the mountain, and at its steepest at 520 angle, is considered the world’s steepest incline railway.

The Scenic Railway brings us right down into the Jamison Valley where the Scenic Walkway awaits.
Tip:  Try and snag those much coveted front seats for an unobstructed roller coaster ride, as we plunge down 250m into the Jamison Valley.

At the base station of the Scenic Railway in the Jamison Valley, looking up at the steep incline that we came down from. A relativly short ride, compared to the one we had at Penang Hill in Malaysia!

Do remember to spot the three sisters when you are at the base station as you will see a different view of the Three Sisters from the Scenic Railway station. 

Scenic Walkway

The 2.4km Scenic Walkway winds through a Jurassic rainforest on the Jamison Valley floor.  Protected by the rainforest canopy, the Scenic Walkway has its own microclimate distinct from the weather at the top.  The elevated boardwalk allows visitors a tranquil and peaceful walk in the midst of the ancient rainforest.  There are 2 options here – either a 10-minute walk to Harry’s station, or a 45 minute walk through the rainforest, and coming up at the Scenic Cableway.

Along the way, explore and understand the site’s coal mining history with its replica of the mines, a miners’ hut and their paraphernalia.

Apparently, there was an Art Festival held at the Blue Mountains while we were there, and the art pieces were tastefully integrated into the rainforest.

Finally, after tons of walking on the walkway, there were signages in sight pointing us to our next destination – the Scenic Cableway.

Scenic Cableway

Where the Scenic Railway brings us down to the valley floor, the Scenic Cableway brings us back to the plateau.  You can actually reverse this order (meaning taking the Cableway down and the Railway up), but we preferred our way as the downwards ride on the Railway promises to be more exhilarating. 

The Scenic Cableway is the steepest aerial cablecar in the Southern Hemisphere.  Looking at the degree of its incline, I find that very believable.

Panoramic views in the fully enclosed cable car.

Scenic World
1 Violet Street
Katoomba NSW 2780

(02) 4780 0200

Unlimited Discovery Pass

The ultimate Scenic World experience. Includes unlimited rides on the Railway, Skyway, Cableway and Walkway.

Adult:     $35.00
Child (4-13yrs):     $18.00
Family     $88.00
Concession     $32.00

This post is part of our Sydney 7 days 6 nights Trip Itinerary and Report. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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