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Airline Review: Fly Scoot from Singapore to Sydney

Sydney . 2013 . May 19

This post is part of our Sydney 7 days 6 nights Trip Itinerary and Report. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

This was the second time that we had taken Scoot, the first time being our trip to Gold Coast when Scoot has just started flying in 2012. It was another impulse travel decision as we simply couldn't resist the offer that Scoot was promoting that we took the plunge in December 2012, way ahead (close to 6 months!) of our planned travel dates in May 2013!

Air Ticket Costs

A pair of return "FLY" tickets to Sydney costs us SGD $382.40 per person (inclusive of ticket, taxes and seat selection). We bought our check-in luggage allowance separately, spending an additional SGD $85 for a shared luggage allowance of 20kg to Sydney and 25kg on the flight back to Singapore. Thus, the total cost for 2 person works out to be SGD $849.80 (or SGD $424.90 per person), which we would consider it relatively cheap as compared to full service airlines with promotional tickets of SGD $700 per person on average.

Total Luggage weight when we returned from Sydney was 22.7kg, within the 25kg luggage allowance that we purchased.

Check In

Our flight to Sydney was on FlyScoot TZ2 and was scheduled to depart Singapore Changi Airport at 2.10am. We were at the airport relatively early for the flight (almost 4 hours before flight departure) and went for our supper before boarding the flight.

Compared to our previous experience taking Scoot, this was a much better experience as there wasn't much queue at the check-in counter and we were able to check in our luggage and got our tickets in probably 10 minutes time! :)

The check-in at Sydney Airport when we returned. There was a longer queue compared to Singapore.

The Gate was opened earlier than scheduled time at around 1am and we were soon ushered into the waiting area before we board the aircraft.

On Board the Aircraft

Yellow Stretch Seats on board Scoot. They sure look spacious!

ScooTV - FlyScoot's on board entertainment option. We didn't try it as we had brought along our own IPADs on board the aircraft. We did see some passengers renting them for their children to play some games. If you have tried ScooTV before, we would appreciate it if you could give our readers some feedback / review of the system! :)

Legroom was spacious even for our normal seats. Using the Boeing B777 aircraft with a 3-4-3 configuration in the economy class, this was certainly a refreshing change from the single aisle budget carriers that we were used to taking for our trips to nearby destinations.

ScooTV Magazine. You may want to check out what's on offer on board your flight if you are interested in renting their IPADs.

Scoot In Flight Magazine and Scootalogue (Duty Free Shopping). For those who can't sleep on board the night flight. There were interesting articles about the destinations that Scoot flies in the in flight magazine.

Scoot Meal Menu, EAT. There seems to be more options compared to our first time on board a Scoot flight to Gold Coast.

Hot Set Meals cost SGD $17 and includes Coke/ Coke Zero, Pringles and a limited edition Coke Toothpick Holder besides the Main Course.

Being a night flight, we were soon in ZzZzZ land, but were lucky to wake up to this sunrise view from our window seat.

Soon we were approaching Sydney and we can't help by taking some shots as our aircraft makes the approach.

 Making our final approach towards Sydney Airport's beautiful coast line.

 Landed at Sydney Airport.

Final Verdict:

Overall, we thought that Scoot has improved its services and reliability since we last took it on our trip to Gold Coast. We love the extra space on board the bigger aircraft as compared to typical budget carriers. We would certainly take another Scoot flight when there are promotions to the destinations that they fly in future! :)

This post is part of our Sydney 7 days 6 nights Trip Itinerary and Report. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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  1. Very interesting, maybe one day I will travel like your Sydney's trip, only worry was the last minute cancellation of flight by some budget airlines.

  2. Hi Alice,

    Think budget carriers are now more established in Singapore..chances of flight cancellation are less likely these days as most of them have more airplanes and are able to deploy them better.


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