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Gold Coast Australia 7 Days 6 Nights Trip Report and Itinerary

Gold Coast . 2012 . Aug 07-13

Deciding to go to Gold Coast was done in the spur of the moment. Lured by the cheap flights offered by Scoot, Gold Coast seemed liked the ultimate relaxation place with good beaches and amusement parks.  Most places of interest can be covered by public transport.

We have received a request from an anonymous reader to send him / her our trip itinerary. We thought we might want to share our itinerary with our readers too in this post with some photos and links to our review for our Gold Coast Trip. The links will become clickable as we post them. Do bookmark this page as we update the reviews! :) 

Day 1  Singapore -> Gold Coast

2000 -  Check in @ Changi Airport
2225 -  Scoot Flight TZ6 to Gold Coast

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Day 2  Gold Coast (Sea World)

0750 -  Touch down @ Gold Coast Airport (GMT +10)
0850 -  Bus 702 to Vibe Hotel @ Surfers Paradise - around 40 mins journey
0950 -  Check in @ Vibe Hotel Gold Coast
1010 -  Brunch @ Coffee Club Gold Coast
1040 -  Bus 750 to Sea World - 10 mins journey
1052 -  Fun With Animals @ Sea World
1300 -  Lunch
1400 -  Showtime @ Sea World
1700 -  Bus 750 back to Hotel
1800 -  Dinner @ Mac Donalds near Surfers Paradise Beach
1900 -  Stroll @ Surfers Paradise Beach Front Night Market
2200 -  ZzZz

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Day 3  Gold Coast (Warner Bros Movie World + Wet n Wild + Sky Point Observation Deck)

0700 -  Rise and Shine
0745 -  Breakfast
0905 -  Bus TX2 to Warner Bros Movie World - around 40 mins journey
0932 -  Visit Warner Bros Movie World
1200 -  Lunch
1300 -  Visit Wet n Wild Water World (Walking distance from Movie World)
1430 -  Bus TX2 back to Hotel
1500 -  Alight at bus stop opposite Hotel
1530 - Visit Sky Point Observation Deck
1800 -  Dinner @ Sushi Avenue
1900 -  Stroll around Surfers Paradise
2100 -  ZzZz

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Day 4  Brisbane Day Trip (Miramar River Cruise + Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary)

0615 -  Rise and Shine
0656 -  Bus 740 to Nerang Station
0719 -  Arrive @ Neerang Station
0731 -  Train VLBD to South Brisbane
0834 -  Arrive @ South Brisbane Station
0840 -  Breakfast
0930 -  Miramar River Cruise to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
1000 -  Departs Cultural Centre Pontoon
1115 -  Arrive Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
1345 -  Depart Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
1500 -  Arrive Cultural Centre Pontoon
1510 -  Shopping @ Brisbane
1731 -  Train BDVX to Neerang Station
1834 -  Arrive @ Neerang Station
1842 -  Bus 740 to Surfers Paradise
2000 -  Dinner
2100 -  ZzZz

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Day 5  Gold Coast (Whale Watching + Glow Worm Viewing)

0615 -  Rise and shine
0645 -  Breakfast
0830 -  Board "Mahi Mahi" Cataman
0900 -  Cruise starts
1230 -  End of Cruise
1300 -  Lunch @ Yum Cha Noodle Haus Surfers Paradise
1400 -  Stroll @ Surfers Paradise Beach
1500 -  High Tea @ Coffee Club
1800 -  Dinner
1855 -  Pick up @ Vibe Hotel Gold Coast
1930 -  Depart via restaurant for Springbrook National Park
2015 -  Rainforest Walk & Glow Worm Viewing
2130 -  Depart Springbrook National Park
2230 -  ZzZz

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Day 6  Gold Coast (Free & Easy)

0800 -  Rise and shine
0830 -  Breakfast
1000 -  Enjoy Bubble Tea @ Hazel Tea Shop Surfers Paradise
1330 -  Lunch
1500 -  Rest & Relax @ Vibe Hotel Gold Coast
1900 -  Dinner
2100 -  ZzZz

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Day 7  Gold Coast -> Singapore

0545 -  Check out Hotel
0615 -  Bus 702 to Gold Coast Airport
0654 -  Reach Gold Coast Airport
0710 -  Check in @ Airport
0730 -  Breakfast
0900 -  Board Flight TZ5 to Singapore
1500 -  Touch down @ Singapore

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Check out cheap Gold Coast Hotel deals today!

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  1. Hi, May I know whole trip around already spend how much? Included flight ticket? Thanks

  2. Hi QuEeNie Wai ,

    Thank you for visiting us!

    It cost around SGD 3.2k for 2 persons in all.

    Tickets from Scoot including visa cost SGD $850 while accom for 5 days cost SGD$700.

    The rest were on admission tickets, meals, transport, travel insurance and spendings.

    Hope the above helps in your planning! :)

  3. Hi,
    For the public transport that u took (bus from airport to vibe hotel, bus from vibe to seaworld etc...)
    Did u purchase something like Ezlink card for the bus fare or u paid by cash?
    How is the payment mode like to take a public transport in Gold Coast?

  4. Hi Doreen,

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Yes. They do have something like Singapore's Ezilink Card. It's called the Go Card for visitors.

    Do refer to the following link for more details.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for this wonderful journal!

    What's the weather like in Sep? Thanks

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting. It should be pretty cooling. You might want to refer to the following site for more details.

  7. Hi

    Where did u book the tours? eg. to see glowworm. Do I have to book a few weeks in advance?


  8. Hi,

    We booked our Glow Worm Tour through this company called "Tour Gold Coast".
    You can find out more about the tour from their website.

    We only booked the tour around a week before our trip.

    Hope the above helps! :)

  9. Hi there,

    Are you able to advise me on the airport tranfer to Outrigger Surfers Paradise at 22 View Ave? Or where I can get more info from? Thanks alot.

  10. Hi,

    You may take bus 702 from the Airport as it stops at Surfers Paradise.

    Here's the link of public transport from the airport for your reference.

  11. Hi, any feedback from you on the glow worm night tour and whether is it suitable for young children of age 6 & 4?

  12. Hi, it might not be too suitable for young children as it can be quite dark inside.

  13. Hi

    How do you arrange for pick up with the tour operator? Their online booking form do not have any information on pick up. Do you call them to confirm? Thanks.

  14. Hi,

    I just went to the website.

    They do have a drop down to select where you want to pick up after you select the tour.

    Hope the above helps! :)

    Have a GREAT trip!

  15. Good day, i googled and chanced upon your website. Very informative and helped me in some ways! Not sure if you can help me. I am trying to find a way to get from the Gold Coast Airport to Hotel Grand Chancellor. The bus network was revamped recently. Are you familiar with it? Trying to find a bus that goes to the hotel but cant seem to get it :(


  16. Hi, do Singaporeans need to create a VISA to enter gold coast?

  17. Hi Jasmine,

    Thanks for your comments.

    You might want to type in the address of the hotel on the Gold Coast translink website below to search for directions from the airport.

    Hope it helps! :)

  18. Hi ProfessorMat,

    Yes. Singaporeans require a VISA to go to Gold Coast and other parts of Australia.

  19. You wont regret visiting very beautiful Gold Coast, You can have fun everywhere because of its beautiful places and destinations. Feel free and enjoy! :)

  20. Saw your post and it's really useful! But if to ask, if u were to re-visit Australia, which part of Australia will u go for a 7 days trip. I haven't been to any parts of Australia before and it's my first trip with bf. Wish to plan it like a memorable one. Any advise?

  21. Hi Christine,

    I guess it depends on personal preference. For us, guess it might be Melbourne cos it was our first trip to Aust then. :)

  22. @Tommy Green

    Hi, can I check with you how you applied for a travel visa to Gold Coast and how much it roughly costs? Also, I have already purchased my flights and accommodation, however, how much do you think I should bring to Gold Coast for expenses and the attractions if I am going there for a week?

  23. How do you apply for a VISA to Australia and how much does it roughly cost?

  24. Hi Cassandra,

    We applied through a local travel agency and it costs around SGD $15 for the VISA.

    Hi Anonymous, I guess it depends on what you want to do is a bit on the high side there if you are eating out though:)

  25. I like this post,And I guess that they having fun to read this post. Thanks for sharing your traveling experience with us...

  26. hi, am planning to go Gold Coast this coming Jan.
    Can advise if it is necessary to make Visa for a 4 nights stay? and where can i make a Visa?

  27. Hi Lim FK,

    Are you a Singaporean?
    If so, you would need a visa- regardless of the no of days.

    We applied through a local travel agency and it cost us SGD$15 per person

  28. Hi your post is super informative.. Can I check the following with you?
    1. How much would you recommend topping up the go card?
    2. Did u purchase an attraction pass?
    3. Where did u purchase the go card? Does it allow ferry, tram rides?

    Thanks a million!!!

  29. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting.

    We bought our Go Card at the airport.

    The value to top up depends on how many trips you will be making.

    You might want to refer to the official site for more details.

    For attractions, we did buy a VIP pass that covers Sea World + Warner Bros Movie World + Wet n Wild Water World.

  30. Where did u buy the vip pass from? How much did it cost? Would you advice purchasing the passes from online websites or to get it from the ticket office? Thank you. :)

  31. Hi, We bought it online - can't remember how much it cost.

    You may want to visit the following website for more details.

  32. Hi, I happened to read your blog and would like to find out your experience with the public bus. I would be bringing a 6 year old and staying somewhere near Vibe hotel. Does the bus come regularly and how is it compared to our Singapore local bus (environment, cleanliness)? Also, does the bus stop in near the theme parks or there is still some distance walking? Thanks in advance!

  33. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! :)

    If you have notice our itinerary, we have used the public buses extensively during our travels in Gold Coast.

    It is very clean and we would certainly recommend that you use the buses.

    You may want to refer to the following website link for their timetables.

    The bus do stop very near the theme parks with some walking to the entrance.

    Hope the above helps and have a nice trip! :)

  34. hihi! may I check do they allow us to bring up or luggages to the bus to & fro airport & hotel?
    do they limit how many pieces per pax???

  35. @Anonymous

    Hi there!

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    There's no limit as far as we know.

    However, do note that it is a public bus service and not actually a dedicated travel coach - thus no compartments to store luggages.

    If you have bulky luggages, it might be advisable to take a cab.

    Hope the above helps!

  36. Good compilation of details about gold coast australia trip. All seems worth visiting. Thanks for sharing such an informative content.

  37. @Maggie Lat

    Hi Maggie,

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Glad that you find it informative! :)

  38. Hi Tommy, I happened to read your blog and would like to find out your experience with the Vibe Hotel. The location of the hotel is good. I'm planning for family trips to Gold Coast somewhere in Q4 2018. There will be total four of us (included two kids - 15 & 17). As I checked Vibe hotel website, the max room capacity is for 2 adults. So, can we just go for the 1 room for four of us instead of 2? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for visiting our blog.

      I just revisited Vibe Hotel website.

      They do offer family rooms which can accommodate up to 5 persons.

      Hope the above helps.

  39. Hi Tommy, thanks for your kind assistance. I have visited Vibe hotel website, they do have family room for accommodate up to 5 persons. However, I visited agoda website, agoda website shown Vibe hotel only available for 2 adults. Normally, I prefer to book via agoda cause got special room rates rather than visit directly to the hotel website. Therefore, will there be any problem if I go for the 1 normal room for 4 person? Thanks.

    1. Hi,

      If the Agoda site only indicate rooms for 2 adults, I would advise that you book directly on the Vibe Hotel website for the family room.

      Have a good trip ahead! :)


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