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Diamond Princess Alaska Cruise Day 7 Dinner Menu

Alaska Cruise . 2012 . Sep 21

Dinner Menu for Day 7

(V) indicates vegetarian dish


Trio of Seafood, Citrus and Avocado
lobster, shrimp and squid with orange filets and lime-cilantro vinaigrette

Watermelon and Feta Cheese (V)
scattered with toasted pumpkin seeds and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice

Bacardi & Coke Marinated Spicy Chicken Wings
drenched in a Coca Cola, giner, soy and hoisin glaz
winning dish of the 2008 annual Bacardi bartender & chef cruise competition awarded to Princess Cruises

Shrimp Cocktail
an American classic with horseradish-spiked cocktail sauce

Soups and Salads

Double Beef Consomme
with mini choux buns and scallions

Hearty Philaelphia Pepper Pot Soup
rich and piquant broth with tripe and root vegetables

Chilled Curried Pumpkin Cream Soup (V)
spiced with cumin, coriander and cardamom in coconut milk

Grilled Vegetables with Chives and Hearts of Romaine (V)

choice of homemade and low-fat dressings

Classic Caesar Salad (V)
crisp romaine lettice, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and herb croutons; anchovies upon request

Signature Pastas

Available as an appetizer or main course and served with freshly grated parmesan cheese

Linguine alle Vongole
noodles with littleneck clams in cream sauce and parsley

Fettuccine Alfredo in Crisp Parmesan Basket (V)
An All-Time Princess Favorite
rich, comforting and entirely satisfying

Main Courses  

To enhance the flavors the chef has paired each dish with the freshest sides

Kingklip Steak with Garam Masala and Gentle Spices
pan roasted and served with mild curry cream with green beans , carrots, turnips and aromatic rice

Mariner-Style Black Mussels in White Wine Cream Sauce
with hime-style garlic bread and French fries

Roasted Tom Turkey with "All the Trimmings"
giblet gravey, cranberry relish, apple & raisin stuffing, cornbread and sweet potato

All-American Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy
served dinner-style with grilled scallions, vegetables, buttered corn and mashed potatoes

Grilled New York Cut Strip Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce

juicy mango cheek and spicy tomato sauce

Eggplant Fritters with Fried Basmati Rice (V)
baked crepes filled with roasted pumpkin, mascarpone and walnuts
thyme-cream sauce

Grilled Salmon with Herb & Lemon Compound Butter
vegetables of the day and parsley potatoes

Pan-Seared Corn-Fed Chicken with Thyme Jus
lightly seasoned boneless breast, vegetables of the day and roast potatoes

Princess Half Pound Sirloin Burger
ground fresh daily, cooked to order, served with gourmet fries and our signature secret sauce

Grilled Spice-Rubbed Tri Tip Roast
marinated choice American beef, slow roasted and grilled, served medium-well wuth chimichurri or  BBQ sauce, broiled tomato & zucchini and steak fries

After Dinner Drinks, Digestifs, Dessert Wine


Cafe Latte                   $2.50
Mocha                         $2.50
Cappuccino                 $2.50
Espresso                     $1.70
Double Espresso        $2.50

Dessert Wine

Errazuriz Late Harvest, Sauvignon Blanc by the glass    $3.95
notes of honey and golden raisins add depth and richness to the fruity citric Sauvignon Blanc characters

Port Wine and Sherry

Sandeman's Port (20 years)        $7.25
Harvey's Bristol Cream              $4.95
Tio Pepe                                       $4.95
Dry Sack                                      $4.95

Liqueurs and Cordials

Amaretto di Saronno                   $5.75
Drambuie                                     $5.75
Grand Marnier                            $5.75
Kahlua                                         $5.75
Frangelico                                    $5.75
Brogan's Irish Cream                 $5.75
B&B D.O.M                               $5.75
Sambuca                                     $5.75
Tia Maria                                   $5.75
Galliano                                      $5.75
Southern Comfort                      $5.75


Courvoisier V.S.O.P                  $7.25
Courvoisier Napoleon               $9.50
Remy Martin V.S.O.P              $7.25
Remy Martin X.O                    $10.75


Floating Islands in Vanilla Sauce
caramel drizzle

Milky Chocolate-Hazelnut Souffle
warm amaretto sabayon

Sugar-Free Cherry Trifle
chocolate Wafer

Princess Love Boat Dream
rich chocolate mousse on brownie

Traditional New York Cheesecake
macerated strawberries

French Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee
with sugar cane crust, lemon madeleines

Ice Cream
praline, tiramisu, mandarin sorbet

Create Your Own Sundae
vanilla or chocolate ice cream, strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch caramel or pineapple toppings, whipped cream

Sweet & Nutritious Fruits
lemon twist, mint leaf   

Petits Fours

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