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Day 6 Diamond Princess Alaska Cruise - Glacier Bay National Park – John Hopkins Glacier

Alaska Cruise (Glacier Bay National Park) . 2012 . Sep 20 

After leaving the Margerie Glacier, the Diamond Princess makes a quick stop at its neighbour, the John Hopkins Glacier.

The Norwegian Pearl on its way out of the John Hopkins Glacier as the Diamond Princess makes its way in. 

The inlet to the John Hopkins Glacier.

John Hopkins Glacier comes into view.   Once again, the Captain manoeuvres the ship so that passengers on both side of the ship can have a good view of the glacier.   Unlike the Margerie Glacier where the Diamond Princess stops over for an hour, the stop at the John Hopkins Glacier is a much shorter one

Leaving the John Hopkins Glacier.

 Floating ice are very common in the Glacier Bay National Park waters...

 View of other glaciers on the way out of Glacier Bay.

Afternoon tea at our balcony as we watch the scenery go by.

At 3pm, the National Park rangers bid us farewell as they leave the cruise ship.

and we continue enjoying the beautiful Alaska landscape..

Right after leaving the John Hopkins Glacier, the Diamond Princess starts sailing out of the protected waters of the Glacier Bay National Park and into the open Gulf of Alaska where it picks up speed.   Passengers such as myself who are prone to sea-sickness starts to feel queasy.  It got so bad during the night that it felt like being rocked to sleep in bed.

After another day of great relaxing scenery viewing, we went for the Fiesta Strings Quartet Performance in the Explorers Lounge before dinner.

After another fantastic dinner, we went back to our cabin and found the following disembarkation information pamplet at our door..another proof of Princess Cruises' efficient planning...but it also means that our Alaska cruise is coming to an end soon.... ;(

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  1. Hmm.. You had a closer view of John Hopkins that I did in my cruise. But then again, the different end of the season, I guess there is not a lot of ice around the area at that time to stop the ship from getting nearer. Whereas since it's just coming out of winter during my cruise, we can't go as near as I would like them to.


  2. Hi Alpc,

    Thank you for visiting our blog again and your comments!

    The weather that day was quite perfect and we managed to get quite close to John Hopkins Glacier.

    We considered ourselves quite lucky as the cruise staff said that it was bad weather the previous week when they were doing the South Bound from Whittier to Vancouver and the cruise passengers did not get to get that near to the Glaciers then.

    Thus, I guess it really depends on luck sometimes for an Alaska cruise trip..
    Glad ours turned out pretty good! :)


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