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Alaska Cruise Trip - Our Full Story

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for following Discover . Book . Travel 's adventure and stories on our recent Alaska Cruise Trip.

We have completed our full story of the Alaska Cruise.
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Alaska Cruise Resources
  1. 10 Top Tips for a GREAT Alaska Holiday!
  2. 6 Most Common questions when planning for an Alaskan Cruise Tour
  3. Cruise Dining 101 - Types of Cruise Meals

Alaska Diamond Princess Cruise story so far...

Day 1 (Embarkation)
  1. Embarkation
  2. Oceanview Double with Balcony at Caribe Deck
  3. Vancouver Sailaway
  4. It's Dinner and Showtime!
Day 2 (At Sea)
  1. Breakfast + Shopping + Lunch
  2. Naturalist Presentation
  3. Exploring the Diamond Princess
  4. Afternoon Tea, First Formal Night & Dance Show
Day 3 (Ketchikan)
  1. Cruising into Ketchikan
  2. Neets Bay Bear Cruise
  3. Exploring Downtown Ketchikan
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Day 4 (Juneau)
  1. Whale Watching Trip
  2. Mendahall Glacier Viewing
  3. Sights of Juneau
  4. Shopping and Dining in Downtown Juneau
Day 5 (Skagway)
  1. Yukon Expedition & White Pass Scenic Railway
  2. Caribou Crossing - Animal Farm, Dog Sled Ride and Wildlife Museum
  3. Carcross, Lake Bennett and White Pass & Yukon Route Railway
  4. Exploring Skagway Downtown
Day 6 (Glacier Bay National Park)
  1. Glacier Bay National Park Scenic Cruising
  2. Margerie Glacier and Grand Pacific Glacier
  3. John Hopkins Glacier
Day 7 (College Fjord)
  1. College Fjord
Day 8 (McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge)
  1. Journey on the McKinley Express
  2. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge
  3. Mountain View Dining Room 
Day 9 (Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge)
  1. Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge
  2. Denali Natural History Tour
Day 10 (Denali / Fairbanks)
  1. King Salmon Restaurant Breakfast
  2. Fairbanks Riverside Cruise Part 1 *New*
  3. Fairbanks Riverside Cruise Part 2 *New*
  4. Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge *New* 

Alaska Diamond Princess Cruise Meals Full Menu
  1. Day 1 Welcome Dinner
  2. Day 2 Breakfast
  3. Day 2 Luncheon
  4. Day 2 Captain's Welcome Dinner
  5. Day 3 Dinner
  6. Day 4 Dinner (Italian)
  7. Day 5 Dinner (Chef's Dinner)
  8. Day 6 Dinner (Captain's Gala Dinner)
  9. Day 7 Breakfast
  10. Day 7 Dinner

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  1. Hi Erica,

    Thanks for visiting and appreciate your comments! :)

  2. love reading about your Alaskan trip! We are doing the same trip in May.

  3. Hi Sharon,

    Thanks! Hope u have a GREAT trip too! :)

  4. Just curious you guys flew from Singapore---> what is the best route in your opinion in getting to Alaska from Singapore?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Just did a quick check on skyscanner.

      The cheapest seems to be on China Easten or Air China with a stop over at Shanghai or Beijing. However, the journey takes almost 24h!!

      Alternatively, u can take Cathay with a stop over at Hong Kong and it takes 18h. However, it would be relatively more expensive.

      For us, we visited San Francisco for a day or 2 before we flew to Vancouver to start the cruise.

      Hope the above helps! :)

  5. How are vegetarian food options like on your cruise and the land trip in Alaska? Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      There are vegetarian dishes on board the cruise.

      You may want to check out the menus that we have posted on our blog for reference.

  6. Hi again,
    I am loving every minute of your trip! I dont want it to end!!!!
    Without a doubt the best review i have read.
    Cant wait till May when i do our trip.

  7. @Ruth

    I did China Airlines that transit in Taipei, before heading to Vancouver. The reason for CX is that they allow open jaw - I flew back from LAX. CX used to be able to fly directly from Anchorage to Taipei, but in 2011, they were no longer able to do so, and the flight times makes it that we had to fly back from LAX.

    Note: If you do that leg, please do try to stay 1 night in LAX before flying. That leg of flights which was in total of 4 (or was it 5?!?!?!) flights was not pretty!

    1. Hi Visible, Invisible,

      GREAT advice!
      Staying one more day to break out the journey really helps.

      For us, we flew to Seattle after Fairbanks and spend a couple of days there b4 coming back to Singapore. :)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thanks For Share your Alaskan trip,I Like It

  10. Hi,
    Hope you are doing well !.I reached to your blog and found interesting content over it.We also run a few travel related website and blog ,looking for good travel website or blog for earning back links.In return i will also provide you link back to your website from our other travel related websites.We can also exchange post for each other blogs.
    Thanks & Regards

  11. My friends went here last year and said it was a great trip. The service is really good. I might try to visit Alaska this year after I go to the popular corryvreckan cruises. I will definitely try the cruise trip there.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments!

      Do visit Alaska if you can! :)

  12. Wonderful review. Enjoyed the details, photos and information you provided.

  13. Hi, may I know if you visit Alaska through a tour agency?
    Thank you.

  14. Hi, Glad you like the review and our photos! :)

  15. Hi,

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    We booked our cruise tour from a local agency in Singapore, but bought the air tickets to Vancouver ourselves.

    You may want to read our article on 6 Most Common questions when planning for an Alaskan Cruise Tour for more details. The link is at the top of this post under Alaska Cruise Resources.

  16. Even if the air in Alaska might be a bit cold, you would still be exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun during your trip so it would be better for you to bring and wear sunblock with high SPF so that your skin would still be protected.

    1. Hi Serge,

      Thanks for visiting our blog!

      That's a good advice!
      It's true..although Alaska is cold, but the sun's UV rays are still penetrative and can harm your skin. Sunblock is a must.

  17. Amazing trip... What also I like about your trip is the food, Looks really good...

    1. Hi Tina,

      Thanks for visiting!

      Yeah..the food sure looks good


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