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Wave Rock Day Trip (Part 2 of 3) - Hippo Yawn, Wildlife Park and Antique Lace Collection

Perth . 2015 . May 3

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

Hippos Yawn

Our next stop is Hippos Yawn, not difficult to guess why it is named as such once you see its picture.

We would have loved to go into the cave to explore the mouth and throat of the hippo, but we were only allowed like 10 minutes at this attraction - the limitations of joining a group tour.

Wildlife Park and Antique Lace Collection

Finally, lunch was next after the Hippos Yawn.  Alas for today, lunch was poor and there was no chance of an upgrade to a lobster meal like the previous day.

That’s our buffet lunch at the Wildflower Shop.  Lunch is included in the price of the day tour, but it isn’t too appetising, so we spent most of the time exploring the Wildflower Shop and its surroundings.

At the Wildflower Shop.  Some of the fixtures and decorative pieces look really dated.

In May when we visited Perth, there were plenty of large flies in the Australian desert, and they usually made a beeline for our faces, nostrils and mouth.  So if you do not fancy swallowing a fly after opening your mouth to talk, an alternative would be to buy a face net. Available at the Wildflower shop for a moderate sum of money.

This is by far the most interesting we found in the shop... :)

While there is nothing of great interest in the shop, perhaps the most intricate of all things are these embellished ostrich eggs in the display cabinet.

At the same location as the Wildflower shop is an antique lace exhibition and a wildlife park.

At the antique lace exhibition.  Entry fee was supposedly 5 bucks, but there was no one to collect any fees and we were not sure if it is already included in our package, so we just walked in!

Some of these antique lace collection dates back to the 1600’s!

Perhaps because of the lighting conditions or the posture of the mannequins, but the entire lace exhibition exudes an extremely eerie presence.

Applying a warm light filter to the photo at least makes it better.

We were out of the lace exhibition place in a jiffy to explore the wildlife park.

Compared to the well maintained Caversham Wildlife Park, this looks almost pathetic, we felt so sorry for the animals here.

Join us next as we travelled towards Wave Rock.

This post is part of our Perth Trip Report and Itinerary. Do check out the full itinerary and our reviews here.

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